Sergey Lazarev has experienced a double loss

Сергей Лазарев пережил двойную потерю The artist told about their feelings in relation to the child and explained why he’s hiding the boy. In interview to the program “One day…” Sergey Lazarev spoke in detail about his brother’s death, which was for the singer as a great shock.
Сергей Лазарев пережил двойную потерю

Sergey Lazarev rarely speaks about his personal life, preferring to protect family members from the scrutiny of fans and journalists. However, during one of his last interviews, the singer could not resist and commented on his fatherhood. The star was the guest of the program of Sergey Mayorov “One day…”.

“My favorite son, I don’t know how lived without it before. From the first day of my life I take care of him. That’s why I didn’t tell anyone about Nikita. I’m happy and don’t want anyone to interfere. I could kill you, strangle”, – said the artist.

Despite its popularity, Lazarev continues to conceal the boy’s face. He takes Nikita to concerts or social events, and Instagram posts only pictures of legs or handles son. Sergey Lazarev about his son: “I will kill”

The artist prefers to remain silent about their relationship. Fans could only guess, busy is the heart of their idol. “Everything you see on TV and in social networks, only 10% of my life”, – says Sergey.

In his interview to Sergei Mayorov, the singer touched on a painful subject regarding the death of his relatives. Recall that the brother of musician Paul died in the spring of 2015, and a year later became the father Lazarev.

“Recently my father was trying to reconnect. We started talking after the funeral of his brother. Dad died exactly a year after his brother, he opened ulcer. He’s just afraid to go to the doctor”, – Sergey tells about a family tragedy.

Sergei and his brother Paul were raised by a mother who worked hard to provide children. “Mother worked hard, in addition to the axis of the work sewed at home. My brother and I helped her as I could. Since then, I understand the value of money,” says Lazarev.

The artist does not deny that he felt a great responsibility for their relatives. “I am the only breadwinner in the family. Fully responsible for the mother, grandmother and niece,” says the singer.

However, befell him the test, according to Sergey, forced the artist to appreciate even more the life. Lazarev said that now he wants all the free time to spend with family, not wasting any precious minutes.

We will remind that Sergey Lazarev is popular not only in Russia but also abroad. Recently, the musician gave a concert in Berlin, where he arrived together with his son. He actively shared photos of the German capital, and one of them was even sealed a three-year Nikita, right from the back.

Lazarev claims that wants to hide the son, for as long as possible, so that no one interfered with the child to grow normally, and for him to enjoy fatherhood. We will remind that Sergey became a father in 2014, but long kept secret is a happy event. The actor made an official statement about the new addition to the family only at the end of 2016.