Экс-участника «ДОМа-2» посадили на три года за хранения наркотиков Severe punishment, a close friend of Victoria Boni received “for illegal acquisition, storage, transportation of narcotic drugs”. Searches in the apartment of ray Samedov passed in June, then arrested him.
Экс-участника «ДОМа-2» посадили на три года за хранения наркотиков

Law enforcement authorities in June arrested the ex-participant reality show. As a result of searches in the apartment of ray Samedov was discovered illegal drugs. The man was charged under article 228 of the criminal code article “Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacturing, processing without a sales objective of narcotics, psychotropic substances or their analogues in the large size”.

And recently the decision was made – a man was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Ray Samedov became famous after participating in the controversial TV show. Long time stylist was friends with Victoria Bonneuil and Dana Borisova. The last and helped ray to appear on the front pages of the gossip columns. A year ago, the TV presenter has accused the goalkeeper in his addiction. Is given all over the country said that the Barber Samedov had provided her with banned substances. Ray, in turn, also on television, accused Borisov of libel.

“We haven’t seen Dana more than a month. What I heard brought me into a state of shock. Dana, do not hesitate, slandered me all over the country, saying that I was bringing her drugs. Don’t know her either not recovered, or it may have overheated in the sun. This person accused me of something I did not commit”, – admitted then Samedov.

Then ray claimed that has nothing to do with illicit drugs, Recalling a model family – a stylist, a decent job, a family, a wife and two children.

Dana Borisova says that were ready to such turn of events, because from his words, she refuses still.

“This is the news I’ve waited all this time. I am happy that I came retribution. I wanted to tell the truth not even specifically about him but about the role that the dealer plays for man to use. That’s ray – he’s a typical dealer,” admitted “StarHit” Dana Borisova.

The presenter also admitted that literally depended on ray f

“Dealer enslaves you. Here you’re a sick man, and the dealer your “doctor”. You die, and he rescues you, and brings the cure. I ordered the apartment, I gave him my car. A healthy person can’t understand. Everyone thought I had a relationship with him. No, we haven’t had sex. But I couldn’t live without him. I didn’t know where to get it I brought, took a percentage of the dose itself. The dealer is worse than a drug addict. They are like bloodsuckers. So I’m glad he was finally condemned,” concluded Dana Borisova.

Stylist Dana Borisova accused her of lying and dishonesty