Юлия Ковальчук о материнстве: «Буду брать дочь на гастроли» Julia Kovalchuk continues to enjoy taking care about my daughter, although to combine regular concerts with the upbringing of the child is not so simple. However, the singer manages not only to communicate with the baby, but also to relax in the company of her husband.
Юлия Ковальчук о материнстве: «Буду брать дочь на гастроли»

12 Oct 2017 Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov first became parents. Celebrity couple still did not show fans Amelia, but the details of the life of the baby artists share regularly.

Thus, during the press Breakfast “OK”, organized in the framework of the festival “Heat”, the singer has shared his emotions about the long-awaited motherhood. According to Julia, taking care of a little child is always associated with a variety of hassle.

“Sometimes I can’t sleep nights, like any parents. Now I try to speak mostly in Moscow, to fly somewhere just for one day. So this is our first long trip. I think that now our daughter gets older and we start to take on the road with us”, — said Julia “StarHit”.
Юлия Ковальчук о материнстве: «Буду брать дочь на гастроли»

Celebrity couple spent the summer in Spain, but because of the constant concerts and Alex, and Julia often have to go to other countries. “Of course, my daughter misses me when we are traveling. She was still a little to say it can’t, but I feel that she yearns”, — shared his thoughts Julia.

Now Kovalchuk has been experiencing an artistic Renaissance. At the festival “the Heat” premiere her song “Come on”, which instantly became a hit. So in the next few days the couple will present the video for the song together “Turn on the light in me”, which has long had grown to love the audience.

In an interview with “StarHit” Julia spoke about how to keep themselves fit. According to star, this helps her lovely daughter.

“Young moms I understand that taking care of a child, playing with him, wasting a lot of energy. Now I lost all the excess kilos gained during pregnancy. I weigh exactly the same as before, namely 50 kilograms”, — said Kovalchuk.

Fans have long considered Alexei and Yulia a real example to follow. The couple have been together for about ten years and never gave me reason to doubt the sincerity of their feelings towards each other. After the couple had a long-awaited child, their relationship became stronger.

Earlier, the actress admitted that Alex is the perfect father, always ready to walk and play with little Amelia. Fans of the star couple hope that someday Chumakov and Kovalchuk will show the daughter, and while they continue to enjoy the new creative experimentation of artists.