The star of the show “the Bachelor” for the first time became a mother

Звезда шоу «Холостяк» впервые стала мамой Despite the fact that a young mother conceals the name of his choice – the legitimate spouse and the baby’s father, fans sincerely congratulate her on the new addition to the family and wish health.
Звезда шоу «Холостяк» впервые стала мамой

Since Kim’s wedding, which took place earlier this summer on the shores of the Indian ocean, intrigued fans eagerly waiting for news, after all, not to notice the rounded belly, previously very slender Irina, it was impossible. Besides, for the family and the unborn baby, the girl on the Internet long been called “clever and beautiful”, had to leave a successful career in politics.

Now it became known that 31-year-old girl first became a mother.

“It was the most wonderful 9 months”, – wrote in his microblog Irina.

In the process, the girl chose to leave a lot behind a veil of secrecy. However, subscribers immediately understood everything, because waiting for the birth of the baby no less than Irina.

Pregnant the finalist of “the Bachelor,” got married

Despite the fact that Irina is fairly vigorous instagram, she prefers not to tell fans about her husband. The girl isn’t posting pictures together with the elect, according to the rule “happiness loves silence”. Fans speculate that Volodchenko was married to a very influential politician, and therefore does not advertise their relationship.

However, the audience was looking forward to that Volodchenko satisfied with personal life right before their eyes in the show “the Bachelor” Evgeniy Levchenko, this did not happen. Right in the final it had been another participant Olesya Ermakova. However, outside of reality, life finalists improved on all fronts she was able to build a career in politics, led a secular life, and now found his happiness.