Ex-lover Vasily Stepanov told about his bouts of anger and hysterics

Экс-возлюбленная Василия Степанова поведала о его приступах гнева и истериках Daria Egorova said that irrational breakdowns and violent outbursts the actor began while studying in high school theater. According to ex-girlfriend, a few years ago Stepanov have already been treated in the clinic of neuroses.
Экс-возлюбленная Василия Степанова поведала о его приступах гнева и истериках

The former fiancee of Basil Stepanov, Daria Egorova remembered, as was their relationship. She noted that the star of the film “Inhabited island” behaved rather strangely in the days when they were together. Ex-lover told the shocking moments of life with him.

“One night I was awakened by a terrible noise. Stepanov violently pounded his fist on the door, as if dealt with a sworn enemy, his face was angry. This has happened often in the middle of the night he jumped out of bed, seeing nothing, ran around the apartment, then abruptly stopped and started to destroy the door,” – said Egorov.

According to ex-girlfriend, violent outbursts the star of the film “Inhabited island” was repeated regularly. In the apartment where there lived a couple, strange things happened. “Go to bed — from the kitchen there is a crash: jump, run back, on the floor — a pile of broken dishes. I never believed in the existence of supernatural forces, and then came to the epicenter of paranormal phenomena,” – said Daria.

The ex-girlfriend told reporters that while Stepanov sometimes showed aggression towards her, and she couldn’t figure out a way to deal with it.

“I was kind of scooted down in the bed, not knowing what to do. Once tried to stop him, and fastened on his hand, then he hit me, tossed to the side. In the morning remembered nothing. For some reason I was not afraid for his life, more worried about Bob, his health, wondered how to help him. But to discuss it was impossible – he just walked away from such conversations, withdrew into himself,” said Egorova.

After another outburst of Basil, when in a fit of anger he cut himself and was bleeding all over the living room, Egorova decided to tell about the situation to my mom.

“She looked at it and invited the priest to sanctify the apartment. And then we put it under our bed stake talisman against evil forces. Through the day, Bob flew to a shoot, leaving me alone. The night I went to sleep, turned out the light. Suddenly there are footsteps, some people quietly talked with each other”, – said Daria.

According to the former beloved Stepanova, this case forced the couple to move. Then the young people lived a few days at my parents, but because of the small space they had to move out to a close Egorova.

The girl also said that Stepanov often suffered from tantrums while studying at the school. “Suddenly came a wild roar, “Pike” just shuddered. I stopped and asked the teacher: “Wait a minute.” Go out into the hallway and saw a door broken and lying on the floor. Looked into the room — there sits a pale, vzhavshis in a chair Maksakova, next to a confused classmate. Almost knocking me down, Bob jumps out and rushes to run down the corridor. I ran after him, shouting, “What happened?” – says Daria.

Actor in the heat of passion had nothing to say, and then he was shaking and he started crying. The classmate, who was at this moment next to the Bob, did not understand what happened, because the guy suddenly showed anger.

Then the leadership of the school decided to immediately send Basil on examination at the hospital. “I demanded, “Take him to the hospital! Let him cut away the tranquilizers!”, as written by unscrupulous journalists,” said Daria. She noted that a teacher from the University was accompanied by Stepanova in the clinic of neuroses, not even saying about hospitalization.

“Burst into tears, begged me not to take him there. Wanted to jump after him in the car, but I was not allowed classmates. Picture as the Bob is taken away, and today is before your eyes. It was just hell!” – said Daria.

The girl did not remember the diagnosis that the doctors gave Stepanov. “At the Institute for washi constantly collected money with which I bought food and medicine. Do not stay aside and my mom and dad. Commend the parents Stepanov also gave money for drugs,” said the ex-girlfriend of the actor.

According to ex-girlfriend, she loved Stepanova and tried to build a family with him. “I’m always on a physical level felt when Bob became ill. She then weighed forty-five pounds, lost weight because he couldn’t even piece to swallow. I lived only problems Vasey, was not removed, did not go to castings. I didn’t care about everything important in life was him, his condition,” said Daria Egorova in interview to the edition “Collection Caravan of stories”.