Vladimir Vdovichenkov: “Two days lay formation. I thought I’d die”

Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру» Thursday, October 12, the screens will be released film with the actor “Salyut-7”. Before the Premier of Vladimir Vdovichenkov said “StarHit”, as it relieves stress, cares about nature and compromises with his wife.
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»

By studying the interviews of our hero, I have formed the belief that the harsh and particular man. So feminine and worried. We agreed to hook up for lunch at one of the cafes in the city centre. Vladimir was punctual. “You know, last time felt this way before a date with Konstantin Khabensky”, – I start. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine, I don’t bite,” smiled the actor. An hour and a half we were able to discuss the relation to signs, who is the kitchen with Elena Lyadova home and after that was Vdovichenkov before shooting the film “Salyut-7”, which will premiere on October 12.

With my own eyes

You personally presented the “Salyut-7” in Baikonur to the most strict viewer. Goosebumps was?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»After filming was offered to go to the astronauts and to present the picture before the rocket launch at Baikonur. Them’s good that they make films. Yes, and we had an absolute delight. When his eyes see the rise of “Proton”, emotions are running high. I think any person who is the bridge between our planet and the cosmos, subject to certain instincts. If you follow the paradigm of Darwin that some amino acids came to us, the question arises, from where she came.
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»
The astronauts hard training. You for the role notably errands?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»I experienced the weightlessness in the Il-76 and I can say, the astronauts – heroes. Together with Pavel Derevyanko and our Director Klim, Chepenko we went to star city. For an hour the plane ten times rose to a height of 10 thousand meters and accelerated sharply dropped to 6. I then for two days lay – I thought I’d die! Only then did I understand why their earlier release of retirement. Our body is not adapted to weightlessness. Difficult children have a profession. When we met with the crew, which was a few hours to go to space, those three were amazing to watch. They were already beyond our planet. They our services are not needed.—
What was still beside flying?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Plastic choreography. To come up with it was difficult. The body had the feeling of weightlessness and visually create the effect of gravity, requires a special mechanism. I hung on the ropes, invented this system, the operator Sergey Astakhov. Even before you start working with us, Paul had been forced to undergo a medical examination. He said, you have to err, as the project is large and complex. The test was like real astronauts take. I even wondered whether we actually launch into orbit.—
I read that the astronauts are superstitious. And you do you believe in superstitions?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Different… it Worked – I believe there is – don’t believe. For example, spilled salt, then the argument happened, exclaiming: “It’s all salt.” Nothing is wrong – and right. However, there is one great sign that helps the bird shat on the car – money. Honestly! But there are certain rituals that are always required. At the Vakhtangov Theatre, where I serve before the performance the actors stand in a circle, hold hands, and himself give a speech.—
Your daughter has seen “Salyut-7”. Said?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»A small Preface. I know tastes daughter walked all the way from “Luntik” to “Partner”. Now she likes science fiction, in particular “Attraction” by Fyodor Bondarchuk. I’m surprised, I must admit. Our film about reality. Took a chance, offered to look – agreed. See her doubts: how would the picture in absentia she didn’t like, but we need to spend time with my dad, because he asked. I was amazed when I saw in her eyes a sincere interest. In the end, we cried, and laughed. “Well?” – I ask at the end. “Fine,” he says. It covered the emotional distress the child is not accustomed to such sensations. The movie is fun, and then suddenly tears. Yes, like still small, her thirteenth year, but she is developing that in two years will be all grown-up lady.
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»
What subjects in school like?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Math. Easy, and she is fluent. Not very fond of foreign, Russian. But this does not mean anything – tomorrow, next year could change.—
All in you. You also like the exact Sciences.
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Though are the humanitarian sphere, in the soul of a techie, right! Me even his wife calls the engineer. Love to come up with different logistics. Our Elena apartment, I have equipped as a smart home. Now can remotely ask for a phone to include any device in, say, television. Or check the power consumption. I have a machine double, so economically spent fuel. Besides, there are special catalysts in order to minimize damage to nature. I try to be friends with the world – spend less light, leave less waste, not using plastic bags and prefer paper.

Conscious approach

Surprised you care so much about nature. HLS is also by you?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Here is a healthy lifestyle not my thing. Of course, I love the sport, but sometimes life shows you the dark side, they can not always be perceived adequately. Want to relieve stress. Imagine the picture: I came out of the theatre after the show, all the emotion and think: “Oh, well played! Perhaps a walk through the Boulevard”. For me it is better to come home, wave the grams twenty, to talk, not to do push-UPS.—
Outside the window bleak. Let’s remember the summer? Love travel?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Yes, I love it. But it is sometimes difficult to find the point on the map where you want to go. Our people everywhere! And when they’re on vacation like the artist, perceive it as a part of it. All want communication, love, and happiness. But I also came to relax. Try to find a compromise – a combination of interesting and quiet places. Found – Goa and Cyprus. No one asks to be photographed or to cuddle. Sensitive people gather. My wife and I were blissed out. We went for 10 days and wanted to extend the pleasure, sorry I couldn’t. All the rooms were occupied for the year ahead.
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»
A lot of things take?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»We always take large suitcases in case of unexpected purchases. I remember there was a case when it seemed that the wife took almost a whole suitcase, and I expressed my indignation. Elena offered a brilliant thing: “let’s count how much they put in.” Turned out really equally. The main rule is the bag must not exceed 23 kg.—
Has your Luggage ever been lost?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»A couple of years ago, we chose a place called Menton. Located on the French Riviera near nice. In addition to the standard things seized from the house of two electric skateboard. One weighed about twenty pounds. They are folding, easy to use, and so we went from France to Italy to swim. But when we flew last time one of our valiant airlines failed. To remove a favorite vehicles was a success, and to bring back, sadly. Had to throw them in Spain. Otherwise we would not have gone.—
How come?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Back in Moscow, we were warned that it is likely to carry on a plane as hand Luggage they will not succeed. I wanted to put in a locker and pick up upon return, but I found out a representative of the company. Smiled and said we can. But nobody thought that on the way back such indulgence we get.—
Probably, the magnet is not brought to reminded me of that city.
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»I played in the play “twelfth night”, the famous Irish Director Declan by Declan Donnellan. With the production toured the world: Japan, Australia, Chile, Argentina, America, Europe. And I had craze to drive everywhere magnets. But when I bought an apartment, put the kitchen, built-in fridge, you understand – to sculpt nowhere.
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»
What country is the most memorable?
Владимир Вдовиченков: «Два дня лежал пластом. Думал – умру»Incredible Australia! Imagine us flying sparrows and pigeons they have parrots. More like Japan. There is a special mentality of people, habits, traditions and even the rain. Actually, to be honest, in Japan I want to go back. Should go there with his wife.—
Can you cook?
Not to say that I love, but I can. Best fried potatoes. When lived in a hostel, we cooked regularly. I liked it. Now copes with it Elena. By the way, to study she became, as we started to live together. She does it with incredible intensity and very tasty. I am delighted, therefore, the prerogative gave it to her. But to help cut, clean, stir, add salt -I’m always here. And most don’t even climb.