Kozhevnikov was criticized for her statement about Buzova

Кожевникову раскритиковали за ее высказывание о Бузовой The actress responded to the interview the presenter, in which she complained that her no one to protect. Kozhevnikova said that he supports in this situation the producer of the “New idol.

Recently in a Network there was a scandal between the star of “House-2” Olga Buzova, which is actively conquers pop scene, and Victor Drobysh, the producer of the “New idol.” In one of the movies, the composer said that skeptical about artists who lip-synch. In particular, he mentioned the popular TV presenter, which now often performs on stage and preparing for solo concerts. According to Drobysh, Buzova no talent.

Olga Buzova got into an altercation with Victor Drobysh, music

The aspiring singer was offended by composer and noted that offend other colleagues is a sign of disrespect. “I am not a character, I a person! And, in the first place, girl! Forgive me for my emotions, but it’s hard. I am not a robot, and as much as I smiled on the stage, the public’re insulted by that my colleagues in show business, I was hurt. I understand that I should not give such reaction, and know that only critics will mock, but I’m so sorry,” said Olga in the microblog after the interview one of the music channels,

The situation between Drobysh and Buzova watched by many Internet users, among which was that of Maria Kozhevnikova. The actress could not remain indifferent and was dedicated to the conflict a few posts.

“This is a circus. Or the case when the girl from “House-2” display, and the “Dom-2” from girls can’t? “Who would have come and dragged him” – from an interview with MUZ-TV. I try to either write good or anything. But I want to support Victor Drobysh in his statement. For the heroine herself, who claims that she has been abused, I remind you that this word means. The insult is deliberate humiliation of honor and dignity, expressed in indecent form… Thoughts of Victor about plywood is also true, plywood, shovel with the earth buries him even deeper. However, this is not just one “star” to blame, and many make their “invaluable” contribution to put the final nail in our music industry.I don’t think it’s right to ban someone in the work or to condemn, but to respect the audience any artist must, and this manifests itself not in the post “Oh, how I love you”, but in reality, in live sound, real emotions that unite artist and audience”, – said Kozhevnikov.

Netizens controversial took her post. Some angry commenters noted that Mary is trying to earn new subscribers, making the posts about Olga.

“Olya emotional! She has a right to their emotions and not shy about them! As well as you have the right to this post! Judge not, lest ye be judged”, “Then Mary will ask all the singers to sing under the plywood, please, Maria, I did not expect from you such attacks on Olya”, “Yes, dear, sometimes theatrical, but clearly goes to his goal,” wrote the user “Instagram”.

After such review Kozhevnikova hastened to explain. She said that any art is always subjective, and if someone don’t like it, it is not an insult.

“Friends, if you have so much aggression and hostility for a different view, that in these negative emotions you can choke!” – added the star of the TV series “Univer”.