Бывший муж Даны Борисовой позволил ей увидеть дочь The TV presenter arrived in Moscow for a few days. During a visit to the capital she could see the heiress. The star thanked her ex-husband for the opportunity to talk with Polina.

Dana Borisova for several months undergoing treatment for drug addiction in Thailand. Now the TV presenter arrived in Moscow. It will hold in the capital a few days, then go to the Crimea.

The star was told that I was able to meet with her daughter on the eve of her birthday. On 27 August she was ten years old, and in honor of this event the father of Pauline allowed her to see her mother.

“I brought her gifts, hugged, and we spent two hours talking. I want to say a huge thank you to Maxim, her dad. I saw how much he loves Pauline, as concerned for her as guards. He even not moved even once during our conversation away, because he was very worried that something will happen that she will get hurt,” said Dana.

Borisov admitted that she is very happy, because I dream about meeting her daughter since leaving for Thailand. Now TV presenter lives in one of the capital’s hotels. According to This, she doesn’t want to go back to the old apartment, which is now her mother.

Earlier Borisov apologized to my cousin and thanked her for her help and support. However, the TV presenter is sure that she is not yet ready to reside with the mother under the same roof.

“I love you for everything you’ve done for me. We’ve had a terrible, difficult time. But we’ve changed together, and now we’re good together,” wrote the star on Instagram.

Fans are happy that Dana is slowly returning to normal. “I believe that Pauline will forgive you. Most importantly, be a good mother”, “come Back soon to story”, “Finally things are looking up. As soon as the daughter will see that you are healthy, you will be able to communicate as before”, – supported the TV host her fans.

Dana Borisova came to Russia only ten days. Together with Nikita by Lushnikova she is going to visit the Republic of Crimea for charitable purposes. According to the presenter, she recovered from addiction and now wants to help those who found themselves in the same situation.

The news about the problems Dana Borisova health has shocked her fans. Friends of TV presenter Andrey Malakhov and Nikita Lushnikov has organized for her trip to rehab in Thailand. There the star was treated from the end of April 2017.

Thanks to a unique treatment program Borisova managed to heal. According to the presenter, now she wants to establish normal communication with her daughter and return to work.