Multimillionaire David Beckham asked for financial help from fans

Мультимиллионер Дэвид Бекхэм запросил финансовой помощи у поклонников
The husband of Victoria was touched by the kindness of the fans.

Мультимиллионер Дэвид Бекхэм запросил финансовой помощи у поклонников

David Beckham


Photo: @Instagram davidbeckham David Beckham

The family of fans of the 42-year-old famous footballer
retired had recently almost an incredible opportunity to bless your
idol. They were able to help David Beckham at the time when he’s particularly

This story happened during a family outing to the clan of Beckham. David and Victoria — a supporter of an active lifestyle. So
when they have a day off, they, taking their children with them — 14-year-old Romeo,
12-year-old Cruz and 6-year-old Harper — arranged a few excursions
the surroundings of the town of Venice
in California.

And so, during the walk, David desperately
I wanted coffee and he looked at a nearby school cafe Menotti.
But with a drink in hand, Beckham found that forgot my purse. And perplexedly looked around and saw
family, located at one of the tables. Strangers responded with enthusiasm
at the request of David and paid for his coffee. Beckham was a bit embarrassed and touched.
Returning home, he posted on his microblog a photo of the cups
an invigorating drink and gave her signature “thank you so much the family paid for
my coffee. What the good people of Venice!”

Now the Beckhams are trying as much as possible
to hold everything together. This helps them easier to bear the separation with a senior son, 18-year-old Brooklyn, who went to study in new York. A young man recently for the first time
long left home, going to continue education in
University where he will study the art of photography. “We are so proud of
you, I love you so much and will miss you terribly. I was crying…” — wrote
Vic on his page in the social network when Brooklyn left.