Марина Федункив развелась со вторым мужем The actress admitted that was relieved after a breakup. Marina Fedunkiv gave to understand that in recent years they husband Michael just tolerated each other. Marriage participants sketch show Love is with a businessman involved in the repair of automotive vehicles, lasted thirteen years.
Марина Федункив развелась со вторым мужем

The star of the series “Real boys”, resident of Comedy Woman and member of the increasingly popular sketch show Love is Marina Fedunkiv is among those celebrities who prefer to remain silent about what is happening in their personal lives. Page actress in Instagram is a fun story about her work, amusing videos, witty parody of famous people.

However, news about the most important life change a 45-year-old Marina Fedunkiv after all sooner or later become public. Thus, it became known that recently the screen has separated from her second husband, a businessman, involved in the repair of motor vehicles, Michael. The divorce, the actress told herself, confessing that their husband spent most importantly – feelings. And to live without them, she sees no point. The environment of Marina Fedunkiv secrets of her past

“We have separated from her husband recently, – said Marina Fedunkiv. For me it is good news. When the feelings themselves are becoming obsolete, why continue to exist together? Moreover, I love to live… After a breakup felt only relief, because we have tolerated each other. This is wrong.”

Talking about family relationships, Fedunkiv made clear that they agree only in love without any reservations. “They say that love goes always, remains a habit. I agree that it takes passion, but love must remain. I’m not 90 years to live without feelings, especially when no children together. For what?” – announced his position star.

It is worth noting that recently disintegrated marriage for Marina Fedunkiv was the second, he lasted thirteen years. Almost the same amount of time – twelve years – the actress lived with her first husband. The family was founded in his student years. Then the husband of Marina was her classmate from the Perm Institute of culture Sergey Clicks.

“We parted on a good note, without scandals and accusations. However, it was with my first husband. Wish you all happy holidays, help if needed”, – quotes the Marina Fedunkiv magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.