Бывший муж Бородиной прошел тест на отцовство ребенка Анны Калашниковой
Mikhail Terekhin claims to be the biological father of two year old Daniel.

Anna Kalashnikov and Mikhail Terekhin

Photo: Andrew Pareto

Ex-husband Ksenia Borodina Mikhail Terekhin did
a sensational statement. He admitted that he may be the father of the child Anna
Kalashnikova — year-old Daniel and, if so, Terekhin ready
nurture your baby. According to Terekhina, a few years ago, when he lived with Ksenia Borodina, he started an affair with Anya. “We had a falling out with Ksenia, and in that time has become a frequent social events. One of them I met Anna,” said Terekhin.

“I’m almost forty years. At that age, I would not have wanted
to have children… — said Terekhin in the show of the First channel “really”,
where agreed to undergo a DNA test.

In the Studio there was also a godfather Daniel — Andrei Kovalev
who was willing to adopt a child Kalashnikova. The main character of the episode —
Anna eventually broke down and burst into tears, confessed that the real
father Daniel currently lives abroad. “Saw him in Israel, but in
Russia it was not. So, I haven’t seen him in three years. I don’t know
it is bad or good, but he is dad,” — commented on the situation model.

According to Anna, now she has a boyfriend, which
gives her expensive gifts. Ex-fiancee Chaliapin considers it not only worthy
in order to be a Pope Tribute, but also to become the father of their future children together. It was from this man she was pregnant for the second time, but
unfortunately, lost the baby she miscarried.