ФОТО: С возрастом Светлана Лобода стала похожа на Шер
The singer compares himself to a 71-year-old star.

ФОТО: С возрастом Светлана Лобода стала похожа на Шер

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Splash News/All Over Press

Svetlana Loboda made a forced break in your work schedule. The singer was unwell, and because of that are unable to attend a previously scheduled meeting. But was able to sleep and, as he said Carlson, a bit “naughty”. Svetlana posted on Instagram their latest photograph in which she looks just like cher.

“My mother in his youth often compared with the beautiful Cher. and it’s my time?” — decided to check with his fans Loboda.

Most subscribers stars agreed with her. Some even left comments about cher, not reading the question Svetlana.

“Just a copy!”, “One person!”, “At first I thought that this is cher!” — they wrote.

True, there was and questions. On the singer cher, a young 35-year-old Loboda is not similar at all. Well, except that the oval of the face. Svetlana — a copy of cher after numerous plastic operations. A world star is known, looks young and beautiful not only because of good heredity, but thanks to the wonders of plastic surgery.

Svetlana categorically denies that ever did something with his face with a scalpel.

“The trend of the past several headings: “LOBODA made a nose” should finally Eclipse a flurry of new articles “LOBODA made breast.” Good thing I always have time to do something!” — jokes Svetlana.