Ex-girlfriend Dima Bilan for the second time

Бывшая девушка Димы Билана ждет второго ребенка Elena Kuletskaya no longer hide rounded stomach. The model appeared at a social event in a red gown that fit her changed form. Journalists and friends congratulated her with the upcoming addition to the family.

Model and blogger Elena Kuletskaya is expecting her second child. This became known after the appearance of Zvezda on the red carpet social events. The young woman chose a red dress with thin spaghetti straps to the floor. Lena emphasized the long legs as the slit on the skirt emphasized their slenderness. However, those present noticed kuletskoy rounded tummy. The model confirmed the second pregnancy, leaving the post on Instagram.

“We liked it. Decided to repeat,” wrote the star on Twitter, adding a smiley baby.

Fans leave happy comments to the post kuletskoy. “This is great news! Congratulations from the heart!”, “An easy pregnancy and healthy baby!”, “Lena, very happy for you! Well done! And Nike will be happier 100%! We liked it and we have a year, as he repeated,” wrote a follower.

Recall Kuletskaya is not only a successful model, but also a former bride of Dima Bilan. In 2008, the couple was even talk about the wedding. The actor publicly admitted to Lena in love and gave the ring for 25 million euros. However, they never had to go to the registry office. Only in 2014 Kuletskaya found the family happiness. She married operator Stanislav Romanovsky. They already have a daughter, Nika, on which the model tells a lot to your subscribers. She not only cares about the girl’s health, but also about its development

“We read together right from birth. When she was born, I have their books read aloud: combine business with pleasure. And five months since we began to consider children’s books. Take a rubber or thick cardboard pages – they are not so easy to eat, and in parallel was always told that there is and tear of the books impossible. Pokrushit offered napkins and paper. As a result, Nicky is now an extensive library, and in every trip suitcase filled book “bricks,” said the young mother.

Stanislav accompanies the model and their daughter to travel abroad. Fans kuletskoy admire the harmony that prevails in her family and lots of happiness.