Wife of Vladimir Etush said about his hospitalization

Супруга Владимира Этуша высказалась о его госпитализации According to the journalists, the actor visited the medical facility. However, the wife of Vladimir Abramovich Elena said that he is at home and have nowhere to turn.
Супруга Владимира Этуша высказалась о его госпитализации

Vladimir Etush was in the hospital. As reported by journalists, the actor was forced to go to a medical facility because he was concerned about the heart murmur. Presumably, this problem was the consequence of his fall from the stairs near the clinic in the past year.

Examination of the actor was planned. The wife of the actor previously hinted that the fall has greatly influenced the health of her husband. Then she left Vladimir Abramovich at the threshold of the clinic, and she went to look for Parking which was very far away. After seeing the report, Elena wrote a post kotorom explained that she and her husband are at home.

“Sitting at home on the couch with a drink in hand, read the media and neighing loudly… After the fall, Carl, has a heart murmur. And he direct “feel”. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry”, with humor said the artist’s wife.
Супруга Владимира Этуша высказалась о его госпитализации

Last summer Vladimir Etush had to re-learn to walk and develop the joints. Besides, he canceled at the time of their performances on stage.

“We have a lot of work to return to old form and fall to come on stage! We will try,” promised then Elena Etush on his page on “Facebook.

Then the woman made a scandal to the medical institution. “Next time I’ll bring Vladimir Abramovich in any medical facility, and Park I would be nowhere, I’ll Park on the wide sidewalk, on the lawn, a bald but at the entrance. And not gonna go look for Parking per kilometer”, – was indignant Elena.

For many, a pleasant surprise was that Mr. Abramovich was the winner of the award “Nika”. He was awarded the statuette in the nomination “Honor and dignity”.

“I’m a long, long time doing something as an artist. And all the more I do nothing but play sometimes. I never thought that I something will award. I’m touched,” the actor addressed the audience during the ceremony.

A little less than a month later, on may 6, Vladimir Etush will mark 96 years. He made his stage debut in 1944. In the movie, Vladimir Abramovich first appeared in 1953. the Popularity and love of the audience brought him the comic characters in the films by Leonid Gaidai – comrade Caax in “the Caucasian prisoner” (1966) and Anton Semenovich Shpak in “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession” (1973).