Father of Jeanne Friske asks SC to ban Shepelevo to leave Russia

Отец Жанны Фриске просит СК запретить Шепелеву покидать Россию A relative of the singer issued a new statement to the authorities. He insists that Dmitri was not able to go abroad. Besides, Others have pointed out that Shepeleva no real evidence of his son’s birth.

Father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Borisovich has passed to radical actions against Dmitry Shepelev. The presenter does not give the family of deceased singer to see his son Plato. Relatives wrote a statement to the investigation Committee. It says that the journalist took the baby the day before the death of Jeanne Friske, and now prevents it from communicating with relatives on my mother’s side.

Shepelev hides her son Friske abroad

“Moreover, repeated from Shepelev and his friends, we heard that he was going to take out Plato to Belarus, either in the United States. Taking into account that Shepelev is a citizen of Belarus, we have every reason to believe that Shepelev leave the Russian Federation and will take Plato, depriving us of family ties forever. This threat to deprive us of the connection with Plato we represent as real.” Friske indicates that “earlier Shepelev took the child for a long time without our notice.” “I disagree with such behavior Shepelev, and believe that it threatens the interests of a minor child, our interests as relatives of Plato and violates the right of the child to communicate with us”, – reads the statement.

According to Vladimir Friske, Shepelev violates the obligations that you must fulfill after the court decision. The authorities allowed the Friske family to see the boy, but Dmitri sets up the child against them. Besides, according to lawyers, Shepeleva fake birth certificate of the child.

“Now in his hands there is no original birth Certificate, only a copy, which we contested. In our version, Shepelev photographed the original certificate, and photographs in violation of made a copy. So first he made a copy of a copy. And it is a notarized translation is also referred to as “copy birth Certificate”, – said the lawyer.

It is known that in Russia it is impossible to paternity based only on the words of man. If a man is married to a woman, it automatically record father. In another case, the relationship should be set by the court.

“To Dmitry to recognize in Russia a father, he must pass a paternity,” said the lawyers “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.