Бывшая девушка Акинфеева: «Игорь прекрасно готовит» Fans know Igor Akinfeev only as a talented football player who has long headed the national Team of Russia. However, the Russian goalkeeper has a lot of talent, some of whom do not realize even his family.
Бывшая девушка Акинфеева: «Игорь прекрасно готовит»

Russia’s goalkeeper became a national hero after the match against Spain in the 1/8 finals of the world Cup. During penalties, posledovatelna a draw after normal and extra time, Akinfeev literally got the team into the next stage, reflecting the two goals of the opponent. On Saturday, the Russians met at the stadium of Sochi with the Croats in the game of the quarterfinals. Close Igor spoke about his unexpected qualities, Hobbies and hidden talents.

Secret Savior

Teacher net, the coach Vyacheslav Chanov, who worked with him from 14 years in the CSKA school, admitted that before each game ward always calls him. “It is already a tradition – to hear my parting words, wishes, – says the “StarHit” Vyacheslav Viktorovich. – Before entering the field of Igor is a ritual he never breaks, is to close in a separate room on the base and spend half an hour in silence and solitude”.

A graduate Igor is thankful, always ready to help. “A few years ago I needed expensive knee surgery – says Vats. – I paid for it, and then suddenly returned the money. It turned out Akinfeev came and made the full amount. And I didn’t tell him about the disease that I’m in the hospital, he accidentally learned from common acquaintances”.

Igor often consults with the teacher, they discuss the matches. But Chanov and Akinfeev and there is a kind of confrontation. “I have the record of the Soviet Union reflected a penalty – smiles Vyacheslav Viktorovich. – Igor broke all the country’s achievements, but I do not walked!”


Despite the international fame, the athlete does not suffer stellar disease. He is attentive to the fans, helps the needy, active in charity, but do not advertise. “Igor is a very simple man, a believer. Often attends Church services, – told the “StarHit” a close friend of the football player Sergey. Once we were in the theater, and sat next to a grandmother who didn’t recognize the goalie. And after the show for a very long time shared her impressions – the old man was deeply moved. A friend tried to stop an elderly woman, listened attentively and smiled.”


Бывшая девушка Акинфеева: «Игорь прекрасно готовит»

The shot changed a lot of schools, the 11th grade, he graduated from the sports school № 704 of Moscow.

“Igor has perfectly fit into the team, says “StarHit” mistress Nina Bazhenova. – Although classes are rare: even then played professionally. I taught algebra. He wasn’t fond of the subject, but geography adored”.

According to friends, Akinfeev denies the stereotype that football players – minded people. Igor well-read, interested in geopolitics can name the capital of a little-known country. And well-versed in the foreign exchange market.


Бывшая девушка Акинфеева: «Игорь прекрасно готовит»

With the dancer Valerie yakunchikovoy, the granddaughter of the coach, Valery nepomniachi, Akinfeev met more than five years. The goalkeeper is now happily married to model Catherine herun summarizes, they grow up four-year-old son Daniel and two year old daughter Evangelina. But with Leroy, he still maintains warm and friendly relations. She even came to cheer for him in the Luzhniki stadium for the match against Spain.

“Few people know that Igor is an excellent cook – confessed “StarHit” Lera. – Of course, that time it is not too much. But when you have a minute, happy gets up to the plate or grill and fry meat steaks. It’s his signature dish – yum!”


With the soloist of group “Hands Up!” Sergey Zhukov Igor friends for a long time. In an interview with the father of goalkeeper Vladimir told me that the son since the childhood loved this band. And when the team spoke at a graduation at his school, did not panic, jumped on stage and sang with the artists Duo. Now the athlete is the godfather to the daughter of Sergei Nicky.

“This is a exemplary second dad – says “StarHit” beetles. – As soon as possible, he spends time with our children. By the way, Igor inspired the sons to play football. With his light hand of the angel visible in the CSKA school in Moscow, the youngest, Myron, plays, loves to stand at the gate. Well, we have a godfather, if I can, I go fishing more often in the suburbs, but it happens to Astrakhan get”