Тамара Синявская рассказала о связи с Муслимом  Магомаевым It took almost ten years after the death of the singer, his wife Tamara Sinyavskaya admits that he sees and hears it. According to her, she feels a mystical connection with her husband.
Тамара Синявская рассказала о связи с Муслимом  Магомаевым

About this love that bound Muslim Magomayev and Tamara Sinyavskaya, legends, write poems, write poems.

Muslim Magometovich died in the fall of 2008. Nearly ten years later, his wife Tamara Ilinichna admitted in the documentary First channel “of Tamara Sinyavskaya. Constellation love”, that still feels a connection with her husband. The widow of the artist says that her husband became her guardian angel, always there, and she hears and sees it.

“He often gives to know about yourself so far. I only read these signs. Because suddenly, for no reason at all, and in silence some unexpected sound. This means that he either smiled, or dissatisfied with something,” – said Tamara Ilinichna.
Тамара Синявская рассказала о связи с Муслимом  Магомаевым

Shortly before the meeting with Muslim Magomayev, the young star of the Bolshoi theatre Tamara Sinyavskaya married a ballet dancer named Sergei. He appeared in a difficult moment of her life and was very supportive. Tamara Ilinichna remembers her first husband with gratitude.

“I have at the moment a very sick mother and was lying paralyzed aunt, and with them I lived in the same apartment. Serge appeared then. He’s a good man, sincere, he has a wonderful family – mother, father, brother, they all took in the about me part, I warmed the soul,” – said Tamara Sinyavskaya.
Тамара Синявская рассказала о связи с Муслимом  Магомаевым

In 1972, Tamara and Muslim introduces Robert Rozhdestvensky. Two talented artist from understand is destiny, but it takes love immediately. Tamara agreed to a one-year internship in Milan. But neither time nor distance was not a barrier for love Magomayev. During the week, Sinyavsky received from Muslim a bouquet of flowers, almost every night in her hotel room, heard the phone calls from her husband and from Magomayev.

Sinyavskaya and Magomaev were married in late autumn of 1974, the wedding was played in Moscow in the restaurant “Baku”. When the Muslim said that despite the cold, the institution has gathered a crowd of fans, he asked them to open the window and thirty minutes sang for their admirers. Two weeks after that Muslim was treated for bronchitis…

March 31, 2002 Sinyavskaya sing the last performance of “the daughter, the Imperial bride”. When she came to the bows, the whole audience of the Bolshoi theatre stood. The audience did not know that Tamara Ilyinichna goodbye to the stage. She threw it all away for the sake of Muslim Magomayev, which was then diagnosed. Close friends are convinced that it prolonged his life…

Sinyavsky is still not out on the scene. She teaches at GITIS, gives master classes and organizes a competition of vocalists named after Muslim Magomayev.