Звезда «Доярки из Хацапетовки» подала заявление в полицию после драки Evgeniya Osipova suffered due to the attack men. She stood up for her friend, for which he received several blows from her husband. Osipova is already feeling better, she hopes that the investigation will be thorough and fair.
Звезда «Доярки из Хацапетовки» подала заявление в полицию после драки

The actress Evgeniya Osipova, which the domestic audience especially loved for her role in the TV series “Milkmaid of hatsapetovki”, became a hero of the criminal chronicle. 32-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital with a slight concussion and numerous bruises, received in the result of the fight.

Actress “Milkmaid of hatsapetovki” crippled husband subutility

Eugene stood up for her friend, whose husband didn’t like it, and then he used force. According to some reports, the incident occurred on the Playground, when the company consumed alcoholic beverages. Osipov considers that it does not matter how, when and why was this nasty story, because the man under any circumstances should not raise a hand against a woman.

“I have not raised the hype for one reason – being an investigation that is objective and independent. Moreover, I believe that in any case ill-treatment of a large, unemployed men simply unacceptable!” – said Evgeny Osipov “StarHit”.

Now Evgeniya Osipova feels good and looks great. After the news of her beating, made a lot of noise in the Network, Eugenia turned to reporters and subscribers on his page in Instagram. She thanked everyone and assured that she’s fine, she’s got a lot of work: “Thank you for your concern! I continue to work. I have a very difficult production schedule!” – written by Evgenia Osipova.

A graduate of the University Evgeny Osipov served in the theater of Satire, staged performances as film Director in his native Tula, and for ten years successfully acted in the TV series. Among the brightest work of the actress starring in such films as “Milkmaid of hatsapetovki”, “Closed school”, “Kitchen”.

Eugene happily married and raising two children.