Ex-fiancee Vadim Kazachenko has filed a claim of incapacity

Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко подала иск о признании его недееспособным Olga fears for his life. The former fiancee of Vadim Kazachenko, which at the moment he is divorced, says his actions are illogical and inconsistent. A young woman wants to be appointed an independent examination which could evaluate his mental health.
Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко подала иск о признании его недееспособным

For fifteen years singer Vadim Kazachenko conflict with his ex-fiancee Olga. Now she is raising their son Philip. The parties cannot find a compromise, and therefore solve all the cases through the courts. Today, June 21, Olga, along with attorney Kate Gordon and friend Andrey Kovalev held a press conference to make a statement. As it turned out, it was concerned about the mental state of the former chosen. They filed in Gagarinsky court of Moscow that the experts conducted an independent study of health.

“We have reason to believe that the person is unhealthy. We turned to the experts – do we have a reason to doubt his health? Maybe there is no reason for us to fight, and should be treated?” – asked Gordon.

Olga remembered that at the beginning of their conversation she did not notice anything strange. Only later it became cheerleaders when the artist translated her money not round sum, and picking some numbers.

“Personally, we are scared for the honored artist for himself. Maybe we need to understand. Filed the claim today. The court understood – said Olga. – I am very worried for him, but more worried about themselves and their lives. What he does and says now is beyond. For all this show on TV, but for me everything happens in my life.”
Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко подала иск о признании его недееспособным

Anticipating this press conference and the statement of Olga, Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti appealed to the popular TV host and editor-in-chief of the project “StarHit” to Andrey Malakhov that it provided a platform and given the opportunity to Express their position. Vadim Kazachenko made a sensational statement

Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко подала иск о признании его недееспособным

Not so long ago Olga has won a court case for child support, however, for a long time did not receive the money. Vadim explained that he did not deliver the writ of execution. On the eve of October showed a copy of the receipt, which recorded that he had sent 80 thousand rubles to the account of the mother of his child. By the decision of the judges monthly Olga needs to obtain more than 31 thousand rubles – 13 child 18 – itself. Kazachenko has confirmed that is not working, so how cares about their son, who is little more than a year. Vadim Kazachenko ordered to pay alimony son

Now Olga and the baby is nowhere spelled out. According to her, Vadim is not your property, because housing the documents belonged to Irina Amanti. House in the suburbs, for which they now sue, it’s not finished yet.

Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко подала иск о признании его недееспособным

The actor and his ex-fiancee began divorce process in late April. Initially, the woman filed a lawsuit, but then withdrew it. Singer, this act surprised and puzzled. In the end, he appealed to the court. Olga explained why she had to go back down.

“I thought it would go away, we had no property disputes. But when he appealed from the house, there was a property dispute,” – said Kozachenko.

An equally heated debate erupted around the marital status of the artist. Himself Vadim Kazachenko in a television broadcast said that his two wives documents – with Irina he lives in a legal marriage, which concluded in April 2017. At a press conference in the “National News Service” Olga showed a copy of the documents – according to her, it was invalidated in December last year.

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