The alleged father Sergei Zverev, Jr. is ready to take a DNA test

Предполагаемый отец Сергея Зверева-младшего готов сдать ДНК-тест Male long concealed this information. As stated by Stas Baretsky, he was forced to give Sergei Zverev, Jr. in the orphanage. Now he wants to meet the guy and to prove their kinship.
Предполагаемый отец Сергея Зверева-младшего готов сдать ДНК-тест

Some time ago, the son of Sergei Zverev Sergei learned that he’s adopted. The grandmother told the boy the news during a quarrel that arose between them. Now Zverev, the younger trying to learn the truth. He even went to relatives in Irkutsk oblast, he said something about the past. The young man did not give up, but don’t complain to well-known stylist who raised him. He is grateful Zverev.

However, the musician and poet Stas Baretsky accidentally let slip that Serge is his son. He’s ready to prove this and to donate biological material for a DNA test.

“This story has dragged on for a long time. Actually Sergei is really my son. If you show a picture of your grandfather, you will immediately notice: they resemble each other like two drops of water. I have a child with him, too, the resemblance was huge. That I am the real father of the boy, they know everything. I myself didn’t want to talk about it, but now it’s time. Can’t look at what is happening. It so happened that I had to give it to the orphanage, where after some time it took Sergei Zverev,” – said Baretsky.

The musician insists that Serge look like his father. Baretsky has not yet talked personally with the guy, but called Zvereva-senior. According to Stas, he even scolded him for the fact that everywhere leads to a boy when he was little. “I was with him the phone: we have spoken about this. I said to him: “are You crazy? What are you doing – boy injury applied! But the kid is normal!” The fact that he enjoys many women, very well. When I was his age I behaved the same way. At the time, too could marry. When I was 17-18, I had a beautiful girl. Faced with the dilemma of what to do next. But for marriage, I would not, fool. Now I regret that did not. I in my life never been married and still single. Well done son, that got married young. And children need to shave, while you are young. When you get forty years old, and you already have grown children is great. Your back to be proud of,” – said Baretsky.

The musician even wants to do a DNA test. “I have no doubt that he’ll show that Sergei is my son. By the way, I have a father in the family all the beautiful people were, but I’m mom. Her whole family kruglyashi. Uncle still sits down to dine on two chairs. On one him closely,” – said Baretsky “Interlocutor”.

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