The widow of Alexei Petrenko lost the baby

Вдова Алексея Петренко потеряла ребенка Abdumuminov Azim was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The woman openly talked about the relationship with Alexei Petrenko and his plans on the sons. But they were Nesodden true.
Вдова Алексея Петренко потеряла ребенка

Azim Abdumuminov became the third wife of the famous actor Alexei Petrenko. The artist died 22 February 2017. Their relationship was discussed by the public and journalists. Someone accused the woman of greed, stating that the daughter born from Petrenko, he is not native.

Azima admitted that he met with the actor in 2006. At this time Alexey Vasilyevich was married, Abdumuminov, according to her, was in love with him since childhood. However, she decided not to break up his marriage and denied him any further communication. However, a short meeting turned into a novel, the fruit of which was the birth General daughters Melania. The girl was born in 2007. Then the woman decided to hide from Petrenko child.

“This is my destiny. Alexey Vasilevich did not know, this child I gave birth to myself. This love child. He found out about daughter in January 2010. Melania was very welcome, very welcome,” – said Azim.
Вдова Алексея Петренко потеряла ребенка

Three years Azima and Alexei V. concealed relationship. Only after the death of the legitimate wife of the actor, the lovers decided to get married. Although parents Abdumuminov was against the wedding, but proslavery artist charmed ones women, was able to gain their trust.

“He said to the Pope: “we have Azimi daughter. And I thank you for accepting this baby and me.” My dad asked why I was silent… I said that the situation was such. You know, in life there are such moments. Not always need to know,” said the woman.

Petrenko doted on their daughter Melania third wife. He begged Azeem to give him more sons, promised her to live to 104 years. But doctors diagnosed actor serious heart problems, the actor had several operations.

“We had a son. But so it turned out, I brought this child because I was such a period. Alexei Vasilyevich was operations and began attacks in the press. He was so cheerful, so many were the plans… When did this happen? In one moment, I lived in a state of waiting six months. I thought that this nightmare will end,” admitted Azima.

The heart of the actor stopped in early 2017, he was 79 years old. The daughter of the artist Melania keeps things famous Pope, not allowing anyone to them, talking with Alexey Vasilyevich, imagining that he is sitting on his favorite chair at home.

Azima said that the actor was very upset a long-standing quarrel with his daughter from his first marriage, Pauline. According to the woman he loved and always waited for the elder heiress.

“He was always regarded with awe. If he had any memories, it is painful. Aloud he never, not a word said about it. He waited for the warmth of love, sincere love, he never fought. The departure of Alexei Vasilievich for me was hard. So many plans we had built, just enormous,” – said the widow of Alexei Petrenko.

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