Ex-fiancée of Andrei Cherkasov called him “garbage”

Бывшая невеста Андрея Черкасова обозвала его «помойкой» Victoria romanet doesn’t mince words. Last year the girl was ready to marry Andrei Cherkasov married. But the pair failed to save the relationship.

      Бывшая невеста Андрея Черкасова обозвала его «помойкой»

      Not so long ago, promising participants “House-2” Victoria romanet and Andrey Cherkasov were in love with each other. The couple was seriously going to go down the aisle, and even managed to conduct a mini-rehearsal for future celebrations. However, after some time, the feelings between young people got cold, and they decided to leave.

      But still the disputes between the former lovers didn’t cease. Romanets and Cherkasov sometimes do not cease tossing sarcastic sentences addressed to each other.

      “When a man’s a dump, leave it for the garbage. After all, the one thing he don’t deserve max for an autograph,” said Romanets on the page in the microblog. Fans who constantly follow the lives of the participants of the reality show, Victoria support and believe that she deserves the best. “You beauty, everything is there. Are you ready for a wife and mother , and he’s a loser, let him go! Don’t even talk to him, we love you and don’t want to be disappointed! The time will pass and will laugh at those he loved and suffered. Not in words but in deeds let him be and ignore is full!”, “Well Done, Rimma! I agree 100! You-gorgeous! I wish you to meet your King!”, “Vika is beautiful! Pay no attention to Andrew, and he will bite your elbows, I’d lost you. You’re spectacular and very kind girl! You will soon be the present the man you’ll be like behind the wall! Will be finally happy in a relationship!” – supported the girl fans .

      I must say that after leaving Victoria and Andrew had maintained friendly relations. When the girl in the video broke his leg, that he was courting her. However, to return former love they sought. Moreover, Andrew has announced that he is looking for his wife and even listed the qualities that must possess the girl, to interest a bright participant of “House-2”. Primarily, Andrew focuses not only on showy external data, but on the inner qualities of the future bride.

      “Loyalty, love of sport and the presence of the elastic bottoms simply required, don’t even come near me without it. Thrift. I, going to work, you must be sure that my children crawl on a clean floor, and when they want to eat, they are given tasty and healthy food”, – said Cherkasov. While it remains unknown how many girls possessing those qualities, strove to win the heart of the party’s reality show.

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