The winners of “Dancing” Ilshat and Nesterovich can win money again

Победители «Танцев» Ильшат и Нестерович могут выиграть деньги еще раз

On Saturday, March 26, on channel TNT will start “Dancing. Battle of the seasons”.

Here as always: it should be some show or project to make a sequel, to release the second part, as ardent fans start to compare new with the first part, sigh, saying,… After a while repetition rates have their admirers, who are ready almost with his fists to prove to their rivals that their idols better. Here are the battle usually takes place on the Internet and social networks.

But the TNT channel decided to move these disputes to the screen. On Saturday, March 26, on channel TNT will start “Dancing. Battle of the seasons”. Will participate 10 people from the first season of the project and 10 dancers from the second. The main prize – the same 3 million rubles, which, incidentally, can win and past finalists – Ilshat and Maxim Nesterovich. They, of course, participate in the “Battle” to prove who is steeper.

We know that in the show involves the other semi-finalists two seasons: Vitaly Savchenko and Alice Dotsenko from the first part of the project and Nikita Orlov, Ivan Magicin and Julia Nikolaeva from the second. The names of the other 13 participants were not disclosed to air.

The only difference from previous editions: to decide the fate of the dancers will be only spectators. The jury can only comment on the performances, but not to decide who should leave the project, and even Sergei Svetlakov has no right to save anyone, only moral support. Only the results of the audience vote will decide the names of two participants from different teams leaving the project.

“What max and I are winners, we don’t do anything on the project “Dance. Battle of the seasons“ – says Ilshat, finalist of the first season. — The winner could be anyone. Now there are guys who the viewers like more than winners. People are likely to want to help those who also deserved to win but did not win. And there are many. But I would like the viewer to judge us on dancing and dancing abilities of the participants. Then everyone will be on equal footing. I want all the guys to pass adequately this way.”

“I’m waiting for a real battle! — says Maxim Nesterovich, finalist of the second season. — The desire to win – that is the meaning of participation in the project. This is the coal that keeps the furnace from going out. At stake is not only 3 million rubles, but the title of best of the best dancers of the country. We will drag this locomotive called “the Dances. Battle of the seasons“ together with the audience. Will participate only the best, and I respect them all. Competition is one of the strongest motivators for their own development. But my main rival is myself. This is the most difficult struggle. So that’ll be cool!”

Don’t miss out! The first broadcast this Saturday, March 26, at 19:30.

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