Пелагея стала жертвой пародии On the mentor show “the Voice.Children” symbolic joke. Ensemble “Neposedy” put the room in which the children portrayed the failed participants of the musical contest.

      Пелагея стала жертвой пародии

      Few days left before the 1/8 finals of the Highest League of KVN. Together with the teams in the competition represent the sum and Misa from Moscow took part in the famous children’s ensemble “Neposedy”. Boys and girls showed a parody of the musical talent show “the Voice.Children.” My number they called “a nightmare Pelageya”. The idea was pretty unusual. According to the authors, in a dream appeared to wringing all the children who were not in the show. Their parents were standing grimly behind his singing offspring. The room was addressed to the wringing, sitting on the jury.

      As a soloist made Taisiya Maslyakova, granddaughter of the permanent leading KVN Alexander Maslyakov. The young performer continued the tradition of the famous father and grandfather, becoming the third generation Maslakovic participating in the legendary Club Cheerful and Resourceful. Now Taisia nine years, six of which she enrolled in the singing of “Fidgets”. Besides, the girl is standing leading the project “Adults and Children”, and also regularly takes part in concerts and performances.

      Recall that seven students of the theater-Studio “fidget” were “blind” auditions in the show “the Voice. Children” of the third season. It Atamanovsky Daria, Maria Snetkova, Elizavetta Kabaeva, Larisa Grigoryeva, Alexander Filin, Ewen Rabatowa, Arina Mironova.

      Pelageya appreciated the humorous number that the participants of the “Fidgets” had prepared for her. The singer laughed heartily. Perhaps after this speech, the mentor show “the Voice.The children” become more loyal to the young singers who, overcoming fear, show their skills in front of millions of audience of the First channel.

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