Евгений Осин женится на матери своей внебрачной дочери In February, the popular singer admitted that he has a 12-year-old daughter Anastasia Godunov. Not all believe in the sincerity of his words, however, the analysis of DNA test confirmed that he really is the biological father of the girl. Moreover, the plans become official.
Евгений Осин женится на матери своей внебрачной дочери

Eugene, like many creative people, has never been monogamy. With Nastya, Elena, he met while still married. The woman is the producer of the group “Old friend”.

“Jack talked with Nastya almost from birth, but the child he did not impose, – told the “StarHit” Elena. – It was agreed that, if he wants, then he will reveal our secret to the public. When my daughter was four years old, he insisted that I gave her to a music school, as noticed ability”.

Until recently, the production and the promotion of girls mom worked, and very successfully. Godunov manages the program “the world through the eyes of a child” on the cable channel, in concerts, in films and “Jumble”. Elena didn’t want anyone to know about the relationship of the baby with a famous singer. Moreover, Aspen is the daughter of 16 – year-old Agnes. Nastya together with her mother regularly visits the Pope, retracted into his apartment, bakes cakes and pastries. Elena and Eugene have warm and gentle relations.

“He says our connection is higher than just the couple – says the woman. – How would we soar above everyday life. I’m his friend, partner. Jack knows that can always count on my help”.
“I love Cindy and want to adopt – adds aspen. – However, in our country this process is bureaucratically complex, need to collect a pile of documents. To speed things up will help the procedure of registration of marriage with the mother of Nastya. And I’m ready to marry Lena. She is close to me”.

Recently, the artist wrote for my daughter the song “Naive children”. Anastasia and Eugene together will present this song on March 23 at the jubilee concert, a family friend, Alexandra Zaretsky.