Дарья Пынзарь потеряла бизнес More recently, TV presenter and blogger could boast that in addition to the network of boutiques of clothes Pinzar.ru she is also the owner of two studios manicure and pedicure in the capital.
Дарья Пынзарь потеряла бизнес

The blonde had disagreements with business partners, and the girl had to refuse from cooperation with them.

“We worked more than six months, I regularly fulfill the commitments, Daria with “StarHit”. Almost every day came to salons, followed by employees. Personally hired staff. Before being allowed masters to clients that were tested, how they are professional, on. Both studios – New Arbat street in the South Butovo – opened from scratch, had to work hard, to went people. But after a while it became clear that partners have different views that do not allow us to grow together.”

Daria noted that the negotiations on its further participation in the fate of the salons were held for several days, but the parties failed to reach an agreement.

Дарья Пынзарь потеряла бизнес“I’m a non-confrontational, says Pynzar. – Why did not inflate the situation, and the scandal, but simply proposed to end the business relationship. On this and stopped.”

By the way, Daria was very meticulous in the recruitment of staff in salons. “When girls come to apply to us, the first couple of days they make manicures to other masters, and then she makes a decision to take or not to take a person to work, – told “StarHit” colleagues Pynzar. – It is demanding, follows that all the workers were super professionals because the reputation of the salon is most important to her”. It is for this reason recruitment of new staff was not very fast.

Daria Pynzar can’t find workers in his Studio manicure