Валерий Гаркалин находится в тяжелом состоянии The actor is still in the intensive care unit of a Moscow clinic. According to a source at the hospital, as Garkalin is still very heavy. Fans and colleagues are worried for their favorite artist.
Валерий Гаркалин находится в тяжелом состоянии

Valery Garkalin has got to resuscitation of scientific research Institute of Sklifosovsky in the beginning of the week. Doctors diagnosed people’s artist of Russia pneumonia. Earlier media reported that the actor became ill during the tour of the play “the Passion of Apollo”, in which he was to play a major role.

“In a serious condition in reanimation”, – reported in the hospital.

As reported by some media, the 63-year-old Valery Garkalin was feeling unwell and did not come on the scene of Theatre of young spectators in Irkutsk. The actor was supposed to play together with Irina Lacinai and Alexander Nosik.

Before the beginning of the play the audience declared emergency replacement of the main actor. The reasons why it happened did not specify. Colleagues of the actor said that Garkalin has a cold, so was forced to take time off from work. According to them, Valery Borisovich lung problems.

“Yes, sick people. We very much hope that all right. I think he had pneumonia. Caught somewhere on tour”, – said Anatolii Zhuravlev.

Later in the press appeared information about the fact that Garkalin is in the hospital since mid-February. According to some reports, the actor was connected to the ventilator.

Valery Garkalin was urgently hospitalized

Serious health problems the actor appeared about ten years ago. Then Valery Borisovich had a heart attack: the actor was hospitalized directly from a tour in Lithuania. Garkalin and his entourage were told that the doctors first diagnosed his arteriosclerosis, but at some point the situation deteriorated sharply. In the end, the actor suffered clinical death, cardiac arrest. Fortunately, doctors managed to save the popular favorite.

Despite the fact that Valery Garkalin has devoted much of his life to the theatre, the audience he is remembered for his roles in such films as “Shirley myrli”, “Pop”, “Andersen. A life without love” and the TV series “My fair nanny”.