Евгений Осин заваливает внебрачную дочь дорогими подарками 12-year-old Anastasia told how her father spoils. Evgeny Osin does not skimp on surprises for the child, and the girl gives the musician his sincere love. According to the bride artist Helena, he is now very happy.
Евгений Осин заваливает внебрачную дочь дорогими подарками

In February 2018, it became clear that the singer Evgeny Osin growing illegitimate daughter from a relationship with Elena. The artist was willing to admit the child, but only after passing through a DNA test. In the program “You wouldn’t believe!” the bride musician told me that the envelope with the results of genetic examination her choice and not opened. Much more important for him were those paternal feelings, which almost immediately came to little Nastya.

“He said something Nasty and so is his daughter, but the DNA results are not so important. Now her daughter calls Eugene’s dad, they spend a lot of time together. Of course, immediately there were rumors that I need it flat, but it’s not. I am quite a wealthy woman, I have my own real estate. In addition, the apartment have been rewritten for the eldest daughter of Eugene” – shared Elena.
Евгений Осин заваливает внебрачную дочь дорогими подарками

According to the bride Aspen, they have been acquainted for many years. Lovers occasionally met, but never legalized the relationship. Now Elena is going to change the life of a musician for the better. She tries to get him away from alcohol. According to the woman, the artist now drinking much less, but sometimes still fails. Eugene refuses to be encoded, as it believes that they will be able to overcome the addiction.

Elena also spoke about the relationship with the beloved eldest daughter. According to her, 16-year-old Agniya not even answering when she calls father. “She could just know if we had to go to the store for groceries, help in the repair and so on. But she has many months of not appearing on the horizon, though, and claims to be his apartment,” – said the bride Aspen.

But on the contrary illegitimate daughter loves father. Girl calls dad Aspen, and bathed in his love. In an interview for the program “You wouldn’t believe!” she said that no doubt the relationship with the artist.

“He bought me an expensive dog that is worth several thousand. Would he do that for not my own daughter? Also got me a very cool synth, it costs about two thousand dollars,” boasted Anastasia.

The girl and her mother confirmed that they want nothing from Aspen but love. By the way, the singer previously claimed: it is very happy, because he finally had a family. Eugene fans hope he can get rid of destructive addictions and return to creative activity.