Eugene Dyatlov was singing in the subway, in order not to starve to death

Евгений Дятлов пел в переходе, чтобы не умереть с голоду In the early ‘ 90s, the actor had to support his wife and young son. Yevgeny overcame their shyness and went to the center of Moscow. After a successful performance artist brought with them enough money to feed his family.
Евгений Дятлов пел в переходе, чтобы не умереть с голоду

The last 10 years of the last century was not easy time for the citizens of our country. Some dutifully took their plight, while others did not want to put up with him and began to spin on as possible. For example, fartseval – trade brought from abroad clothes.

The temptation to cash in without much straining is not bypassed, and the novice actor Eugene Dyatlov. At that time, he only graduated from the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. N. To. Cherkasova, during study in which married colleague Darya Lesnikova. Eugene March 2, is 55 years old, and on the eve of the celebration the artist told the “StarHit” as they wife had to survive at the time of the 90s.

“We lived in a communal apartment, not enough money for anything – says celebrity. – Slept on a mattress on the floor, a bed was a luxury. Even food was considered a sign of wealth, after all, most of a fridge shelf was empty. Many of my friends that had more courage then common took business from the category “buy-sell”. Offered me but I refused. Thought: well, with acting education, profession, their bread to earn? But, alas, a favorite thing of income not brought”.

Евгений Дятлов пел в переходе, чтобы не умереть с голоду

“In 1992 my wife got a job at the St. Petersburg state youth theatre on the Fontanka, but the salary, consider not seen. The audience were reluctant to reclaim: when the stomach rumbling from hunger, it’s not the spectacles. So the money of the manual, and calculated it with us cards that have not always been able to grab something in the store… the Situation was escalating with each passing day. In 1991 we had the first-born – son Egor. When the house wife and one year old child and they have nothing to eat here really like it or not, and invernici and find cash. And then I came up with the idea. I graduated from music school, violin class, played not only her, but also the guitar. And sang well, he wrote the lyrics and music, in 1988, even participated in the recording of the album by the rock group “Auktsion”. On the streets and in the metro at that time began to appear the musicians – performed in da bonnet the money collected. And I decided it was time to monetize your talent. I remember, a long time dared. Spouse took with him for moral support.”

Евгений Дятлов пел в переходе, чтобы не умереть с голоду“I came into the transition at Gostiny Dvor and… the first 15 minutes just stood and watched the scurrying to and fro by the crowd. This affliction attacked me: it turned out, not so easy to get up and sing in front of strangers. But nowhere to go – not to return, not empty-handed. Picked up the guitar and tightened his composition, I do not remember which one. With eyes closed, to look at the audience scary, but imagine that all around me the people already gathered – such a talent to listen to.”
Евгений Дятлов пел в переходе, чтобы не умереть с голоду

“Ten minutes later, finished, open eyes clear with full confidence that I now bestow applause Yes in the box that the feet set, the money will be poured. And around – nobody, containers for the millions of empty stands, and the wife in the other end of the transition ran away, pretends that the first time I see it. Oh, how my ego leaped! What a actor, if you can not attract the audience to your creativity! And sang already with open eyes, with feeling, almost squatting went. People started to arrive… the concert Lasted more than an hour”.

“I not only applauded, but encouraged financial: sketched in the end, three theatrical salaries. My wife very wisely spent, not squandered – only bought different cereals and bread, and left the rest. A couple of months, save up more, I decided. It was a feast!”
Евгений Дятлов пел в переходе, чтобы не умереть с голоду

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