Young wife takes Boris Grachevsky money

Молодая жена отбирает у Бориса Грачевского деньги The Director complained to his wife. “Father” “jumble” admitted that the third wife completely controls his life, family budget and watching what he eats.
Молодая жена отбирает у Бориса Грачевского деньги

Boris Grachevsky has become one of the heroes of the next release of the program “the Stars aligned”, the theme of which was cooking. In the broadcast of the guests have told, what are your favorite dishes that you know how and love to cook. Artistic Director of the children’s newsreel “jumble” – a meat-eater, so my most favorite dish called the steak of high quality veal, in which he perfectly understands, buys in the market and prepares himself, too. 68-year-old Director admitted that he is not always eating what he wants for his meals strictly follows a young wife. Third wife Grachevsky actress and singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky does not give the husband got an extra, and in addition controls the family budget. Boris Yurievich, though complains, but apparently not against, says that you have to meet my wife who is younger than his 35 years.

Молодая жена отбирает у Бориса Грачевского деньги“The budget drives my wife. When she says “we need money”, I only ask “how much” and then say “on!” and all. And diet watching. Despite the fact that we have at the Studio is, where is, and very tasty, it always gives me food. Considers those calories. Sometimes nine o’clock in the evening asked Apple, and she replied – no, too late. Well, look at it, it is necessary to be good enough for her,” said Boris Grachevskiy.
Молодая жена отбирает у Бориса Грачевского деньги

Guests of the Studio was supported by Titov and estimated its steaks. All but Nikolai Nikolaevich Drozdov. The main zoologist of the country, 80-year-old TV presenter many years of not eating meat products. Once he was overweight, which he recovered from completely abandoning food of animal origin and going on a raw food diet. Some time Drozdov nothing to eat but cabbage, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers. Now Nikolai allows himself to eat fish, loves the oatmeal in the water and steamed buckwheat. Viewers and Studio guests enthusiastically accepted the story Drozdov and continued to taste burgers, roasts and other meat and fish dishes prepared by the stars.

Soloists of group “Nepara” Alexander Shoua and Victoria talyshinskaya also prepared meat: it is hot in Ossetian, it is beef steaks. However, serving each other and not tried. Not because in the middle of Victoria just after the birth of a child follows a strict diet to lose weight. Show, and talyshinskaya do for some time is not communicated. They were partners not only on stage but also in life. When we met, fell in love, despite the fact that both were not free. He left the family, leaving little daughter, she left her husband. But spouses soloists “Nepara” did not become, dispersed and the group ceased to exist. Now both happy again in a new relationship, are family friends and perform together again. Victoria married a third time, her daughter, Varvara year and four months.

Молодая жена отбирает у Бориса Грачевского деньги

The guest of the programme was another young mother, the actress Olga Lomonosova. Star of theatre and cinema gave birth to her third child in April last year. Answering questions of presenters, Olga was told that eating almost everything she wants, while trying to watch my figure. And told how the older kids reacted to the appearance of his brother. 12-year-old Barbara truly happy, but the 6-year-old Alexander began to be jealous. “At first everything was fine. Then we went to the theatre and there is one national actor said, “Love mom?”. “Yes, very,” replied the child. “Well enjoy it now because pretty soon you mother will take away,” said the artist. She immediately showed their emotions, and then after some time suddenly started to throw his things, this story began…” – said Olga Lomonosova in the program “the Stars aligned”.