Евгений Чичваркин представил друзьям молодую избранницу The former head of “Euroset” came to rest in the company of charming girls. Evgeny Chichvarkin is trying not to expose his personal life. Introducing the sweetheart businessman said one of the acquaintances of the entrepreneur, which were delighted from the meeting with the girl.

      Евгений Чичваркин представил друзьям молодую избранницу

      Businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin quite carefully tried to hide from the prying eyes of their privacy. The former head of “Euroset” are rarely glimpsed in gossip columns for a long time he lived together with his wife Antonina, with a son Yaroslav and a daughter Martha. However, in may of this year, there were rumors that the businessman divorced. Now, apparently, he builds a relationship with the new darling of St. Petersburg Tatiana. Together with the girl he came to Jurmala, where he presented his companion with the star friends – Vitorgan Maxim, Leonid Barato, Rostislav Khait and his beloved Olga Ryzhkova. For buddies the friend of the businessman has made a good impression.

      “I have long wanted to get acquainted with Eugene Chichvarkin – creative, bold, creative – and voila! He and his girlfriend Tanya (by the way, she, like me, is intelligent and funny, and pretty damn well versed in wine,” – said Ryzhkov in the microblog.

      Apparently, the friends had a great time in Jurmala. Eugene has posted a video in which he dances along with Rostislav, Maxim and Leonid. The fans once more was amazed at the sense of humor men.

      The public learned about Eugene as a successful businessman after the opening of “Euroset”. Almost 20 years ago he and his friend Timur Artemyev decided to create their own business. However, in 2008 the real scandal. The Central office was searched in connection with the alleged abduction of the former forwarding agent Andrey vlaskina. After that, Eugene and his business partner decided to sell their firm to another company, and after he emigrated with his family to London. In January 2009, the investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against Chichvarkin for theft and extortion. Despite the fact that he was declared internationally wanted, the businessman managed to avoid extradition to Russia. Three years later, the criminal case was closed altogether.

      Four years after moving to London Eugene, along with his friend, Timur established new own business in England. Only now the partners develop the wine business, and Chichvarkin acts as the main investor.

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