Скандал в семье Наргиз Закировой дошел до ведения полиции The ex-husband of singer Philip Balsano arrested in the United States. After Nargiz Zakirova announced that he was going to divorce her husband, the family began a protracted conflict, during which the man went to jail.

      Скандал в семье Наргиз Закировой дошел до ведения полиции

      In early summer it became known that the star of the show “the Voice” Nargiz Zakirova divorce with her husband, Italian singer Filipp Balzano. This decision has given the star a hard time, because she has lived with her husband together for 20 years. In addition, the couple has a daughter Leila. However, the singer filed divorce papers in new York, where the marriage has been registered.

      According to Zakirova, the main cause of divorce is financial differences faced by the couple. However, the Italian husband stars fundamentally disagree with its accusations. He has his own version of the events. Apparently, the man is in a state of emotional stress because of problems family. The situation is compounded by the fact that Nargis is in Russia and he was in the United States. There is also a home of their shared daughter and the singer’s children from previous marriages.

      Son Zakirova Auel argues that his stepfather sending him death threats via SMS in which he writes that destroy Nargis. Angry messages, including profanity, was immediately transferred to the young man to the police station.

      The guards of new York, where the father of the family, was arrested Balzano. According to the singer, her ex-husband violated the order of protection that prohibits Philip under state law to contact with the stepson.

      “Philip is in police custody, but let him go. This happens because there was no trial yet. It will be held only in September, and no final judgment is not for the police to arrest Phil” — said Nargiz.

      Apparently, Zakirova determined to punish ex-husband for threats in the address and the address of the children. According to the legal order of the United States, now Philip is waiting for the court. The lawyer, who was entrusted the conduct of the case the son of the singer, convinced that the truth is on the side of youth.

      “A lawyer has messages about the threats, as a long-standing and yesterday. He says that 99.9% Philip lose!” —said the singer in an interview with “Life”.

      Nargiz Zakirova were set free after parting with her husband

      We will remind, after Nargis announced the divorce, she surprised many of his fans. Previously, the star did not allow himself explicit photos, although its image and already quite sexy. Meanwhile, Zakirova in the microblog published a very candid photo. The picture shows the singer posing in erotic clothes. It is worth noting that the fans liked the image of a star.

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