Анастасия Макеева зажигает на отдыхе в Сен-Тропе The actress spends time in a pleasant company. Anastasia Makeeva went To the côte d’azur accompanied by her friends. Artist excites the imagination of tourists on the beach posing in bikini. Fans are happy that after the divorce she leads an active social life.

      Анастасия Макеева зажигает на отдыхе в Сен-Тропе

      Popular actress Anastasia Makeeva recently went through a difficult divorce with her husband Gleb Matveychuk. 34-year-old actress did not hide that separation from loved ones it was not easy. However, the woman does not fall into a depression – she spends time in the company of his faithful friends, attends social events and gives the work force. Now the actress went to the Cote d’azur where having fun with three close friends. Anastasia excites the imagination of fans hot photos in swimsuit on the beach, showing off trim figure.

      “Just a little pampering. Tickled the nerves of French five-minute photoset from Russian girls on a beach” – jokingly signed the Makeyev.
      Анастасия Макеева зажигает на отдыхе в Сен-Тропе

      Fans could not agree with makeevoy. They suggested that most of the male attention at the beach most likely belonged to the actress and her company. “Let the drooling. Our girls are the most beautiful. Straight pride for Russia”, “Gorgeous figure! Beauty!”, “The French saliva has expired. They’re not these girls! Right, Nastia, way to go!” – supported the actress fans.

      However, girls spend time not only under the sun of Saint-Tropez, but also attend various events. Apparently, Anastasia decided to enjoy the battle of the strong men and went to the famous night of fights. There Makeev met legendary actor and former professional boxer Mickey Rourke, should be immediately reported to their fans in the microblog. “An evening in pursuit of bright emotions. Fight Night with a glass of champagne and great conversation with Mickey. We have witnessed fierce battles,” wrote the actress in the microblog.

      Now, Anastasia is actively looking to the second half. After the divorce, Makeev decided to share my experience with other women who are faced with a similar situation in life.

      Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk divorced

      “My mental state is gradually improving, and now female fans are constantly writing in social networks comments: “You look so beautiful!” and asked: “Where do you get the strength to be happy?” In General, at the request of workers, as they say, I developed a series of workshops and will share their own experiences,” said Anastasia.

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