Пугачева и Галкин устроили второй медовый месяц в Юрмале Celebrities don’t hide their feelings for each other. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin rest on popular Latvian resort with the whole family. Diva supports her husband in everything, including in the works. Fans took video, as the singer applauds her husband at the concert.

      Baltic holidays Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin continue. The star family are always welcomed by fans, many of whom I have the happiness to witness for the delicate relationship of the famous couple.

      Yesterday in Riga, which stopped the stars from his family, was a great concert Maxim Galkin. Popular comedian, TV presenter, entertainer and singer has performed in “Dzintari” with a new program called “One for all”. In a hall the Apple had no place to fall.

      What surprise of fans when the crowd of spectators, they saw the incomparable Dolly parton, which is very emotionally supportive of her husband. Pugacheva Galkin applauded, sang his hits and laughed along with everyone at his jokes. Fans noted that the diva looked happy and watching her husband with loving eyes.

      Perhaps the atmosphere of the Baltic resort has made stars feel like they have a second honeymoon. Residents of the city of Jurmala, not once seen a happy family, strolling through the streets and quays. By the way, Pugacheva with her husband and children Liza and Harry in Latvia do not hide from the public, they lead a simple life.

      Maxima seen not just riding a bike – says “StarHit” Lana Kocher. – Stopped in the center, asked a photo for memory, and he hand shows: “I’m in a hurry, there’s my kids to go to them food!” Turn my head – really, a boy with a girl and two nannies from the Park “Legend” on the coast heading our way. But the we did, after which I invited Maxim to your optician promised to go, choose points”.

      Pugacheva and Galkin have surprised the inhabitants of Jurmala shopping

      Pugachev residents also met without bodyguards at the Playground near the Villa, which houses the collection. “She played with kids, helped them to climb the hill, rode on a swing, – has shared with “StarHit” watching this picture of Anna Savkus. – Then the nurse came and four of them went home.”

      Many fans of the stars who had the opportunity to make a photo memory with legendary artists in Jurmala Pugacheva and Galkin are open and positive. Photos of fans with the stars has already spread through social networks.

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