Evgeniya Osina robbed guests

Евгения Осина обворовали гости

The once popular artist Eugene Aspen robbed by his companions. After drinking, the artist has discovered the loss of personal belongings. As it turned out, they were claimed by his friends that he had shared with him the table. Osin immediately appealed to law enforcement agencies.

An insider close to the actor told the media that Eugene had invited three friends – two women and men. In fact, after they left he noticed he was missing. It is about five (!) mobile phones and the amount of money that is still unknown. In the case of theft is a criminal case, the suspects wanted.
Recall that the Aspen, which had long been made, and languishes in creative limbo, serious problems with alcohol. Not long ago, sources close to the artist, reported that he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and even was admitted to the hospital. The singer, however. denied information about the disease and asked not to believe the gossip.