The wife of Channing Tatum told how to save passion in relations

Cупруга Ченнинга Татума рассказала, как сохранить страсть в отношениях

Channing Tatum and Jenna Duane are one of the best couples in Hollywood. This acting couple have never been seen in any scandal, so the fans of the pair arouses the question: how jenna and Channing managed to make their marriage as perfect. Secrets of family life shared with reporters Dyuan, who admitted that even after 10 years of marriage with her husband they managed to keep the passion.

And that, in her opinion, is a key factor: “Channing is very passionate relationship. Don’t understand couples who over time lost interest in each other. We are all exactly the opposite. We continue to miss each other as much as in the beginning of the relationship”.

36-year-old Jenna also admits that another key to the success of their harmonious Union is self-love. Yes, Yes…you read it right: “I don’t understand women who do everything solely to please his partner. I did not close this position. If I buy a new set of beautiful clothes, I do it solely for myself because it gives me pleasure. Remember one important rule of harmonious relations: first love yourself”.