Yana Rudkovskaya runs a reality show about his family

Яна Рудковская запускает реалити-шоу о своей семье

Today, the most popular reality show in the world is a show dedicated to the Armenian-American family – “the Family Kardashian”. For the life of this clan see millions of people around the world, providing Kardashiana and creators of the show about them a comfortable existence and glory.

Try to compete with the Kardashian gathered Yana Rudkovskaya.

The producer of Dima Bilan said that in a short time on national television, the start of the project, which will be dedicated to her family. According to Jana, this step it is decided because of the increased attention to his family from the fans and the press: “I want people to look and think about our beautiful life and about what it stands for. How much time we have to work to survive, to endure the sacrifices, surgeries to go. About how much effort, how much health goes. If Zhenya and so the interested public as a couple, you let people know the truth. I want them to understand that nothing in life us from the sky has not fallen, we did it all ourselves.”