Evgeniya Loza: “I’m not looking for anyone, and I don’t need nobody”

Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен» Star of TV series “East-West” gave a candid interview with “StarHit”. The actress shared her impressions of the shoot and the opinion about the Turkish men. Eugenia also dispelled the major myths about themselves and explained why in no hurry to start a family.

      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»

      Today at 21:00 on TV channel “Dомашний” will premiere the first Russo-Turkish TV series “East-West”. The main role in the project was given to the actress Evgenia Loza and Adnan cociu from Turkey. Russian actress played the role of a married woman Tatiana, who dreams of becoming a mother. The relationship of the heroine with her husband at some point stalled, she ceased to feel needed, to feel the spouse tenderness and awe. The pair decides to go to Sunny Turkey to combine a working trip with the reception at the famous doctor, which should help them to get the chance to become parents. However, the meeting with the doctor leads to unexpected consequences. We met up with the actress at the presentation of the project in Belek. Evgeniya Loza was as always smiling, friendly and quietly asked the waiter in the Turkish language.

      Jack, since shooting the series “East-West” took place in Turkey, I understand where you come as a home?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»There is. I from myself did not expect it, but when again arrived, I realized that it is as small homeland. So much time we’ve spent here, and as it was on the set of Turkish artists, even on our side… Really, how calm feel myself here. Even today at the border control, I got up at a Turkish place. It was in times less, and I couldn’t bribe because I didn’t sleep all night. I realized that I have the right. Frantically recalled at least some Turkish word in order to somehow justify my appearance there before the border (Laughs). Couldn’t remember even the basic “Hello”, but in time came to mind, “Merab!” The man smiled, and I easily missed.—
      Filming had to learn to speak Turkish, to learn some phrases? Probably then used them in everyday life?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Indeed, when I came back from filming in Moscow and met with friends or sat in a taxi, involuntarily escaped “tashakur, ederim” ( “thank you” in Turkish. – Approx. “StarHit”), and “barabashechka”. That is a kind of Russian-Turkish slang, and introduced him Adnan koç, starring in the TV series. All the words he added the ending “Osco” get “spasibochki” and so on. We have a “barabashka” and “thesecurity”. So when he returned to his friends, which, of course, not in the subject, I simply do not understand. Of course, that our Turkish colleagues and was comfortable with us and the warmer we are using some words in their language. —
      A colleague said the same thing?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»How! Adnan actually learned Russian so that we have then when it tried gently to talk. He would casually add, “I get it”, and we were very cautious, of course. —
      For anybody not a secret that between Russian women and Turkish men often tie a passionate relationship. By and large, the situation in which your heroine Tatiana in the TV series “East-West”, is quite common. If there was ever in your life?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»No, nothing like this has ever happened. Don’t know what, but I had a kind of stereotype in this regard. I find it very difficult to understand the Russian man, to say nothing about foreigners. Very important for me to hear, to listen and to understand me. The vocabulary that is available to me in the Russian language, does not give me the opportunity even to speak English to fully convey what I want to say. For me it is very important to a foreigner, I can’t just talk about to explain… All these sparks of passion in the resorts, perhaps, passed me by. As for the Russian-Turkish love stories, of course, there are positive examples. My friend, the girl we went to school, married a Turk. For more than ten years they live happily in Istanbul, raising children. This is a really rare case, I examples are not met. Usually, this ends with a breakup, broken heart, an empty wallet and so on.

      Itself afraid of such ties? What was it like to work with handsome Turks on set?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»I remember when we arrived, someone from the local group we were warned about what to be careful. I am very grateful for what we have explained, shouldn’t be courting the locals. Turkish men – even those ladies ‘ man, and they will speak, spoon your ears, heart. Any communicating with them can feel like a Queen, and our women it really is not enough. But to relax into it and lose head is not necessary. It ends at exactly the moment when a man achieves his goal. Told us, I believe, a “traitor of the nation”, a very good one for our crew. For me personally, thank God, this information was useless, but the many she has saved and helped me understand the nature of Turkish men.—
      You said that Russian men do not always understand… What does that mean?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Perhaps because of their age, I always want something to perform, something to understand for myself. I’m working to disable the introspection and just let go. However, I need all the time to look at all the new meanings.—
      Well, your sign Cancer, you tend to…
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»According to the latest news about the emergence of a 13th sign of the zodiac, it turns out that I was a Gemini. Refuse to believe it and do not accept this view. My world collapsed – all of my tests and thoughts just lost its meaning (Laughs).

      Astrological predictions have for you any value?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Can’t say that having met a person running to read the characteristics of his zodiac sign, but in General, of course, I am interested in that. —
      From the very beginning of your acting the way you stuck the image of Turgenev young ladies. Not if you had stayed in this role?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Of course, I got sick… But now she from the series “East-West” – is completely different. Here and age, and characteristics, and experience. Originally scripted character was a 35-year-old is three years older than me. However, I like that I’ve passed the age barrier, I rebuilt. Thanks to Director Dennis mount of Olives for what he’s given the opportunity. By the way, he invited me in my next project where I can try on the image of a strong, tough, bitchy, offended girl. All the time, and my characters change along with me. —
      Your character in the series wants to be a mother, for it is a sore subject. And what’s your personal relationship to motherhood?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»I can honestly say I was not very close situation of my heroine. To say that I have maternal instincts, I can’t. Because for me, initially, the child is primarily the fruit of love of two people who understand and feel each other. Due to the fact that I have not met such a man, I should not question the child. It’s just to have it for yourself, in my opinion, not quite right. I am not selfish, I don’t want the child lived in a single-parent family. But there are women who want a baby, and growing up, hauling strollers some dolls… I Have never had it before. Now, I have no such need – quickly become a mother. I understand that, perhaps it’s time, and relatives from time to time raise this question.

      Often have to answer uncomfortable questions about family child?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Now less and less. It was probably in the period from 22 to 28 years. Now everything is calmed down.
      Know that you have a very close relationship with my grandmother. Sometimes even taking time off to spend with her in Krasnodarskom region…
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Yes, it’s true. She’s the only grandparents who we have left. Our elder. Once a year I try to choose the time and visit her, to be near. After the filming of the series immediately went to the car to her. I have a wonderful, wayward… It’s aristocratic nature! She is already 87 years old, name is Valentina Ivanovna. But this man with a completely straight back. She makes charging, repair, Wallpaper glue – all by herself. For her, I am the light that warms her. She’s very proud of. What I do, largely for grandma – make it longer happy longer with us. —
      She is watching what are you doing? Brags familiar?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Yes, and very active. One day when I came to her, she even called my friend from the local newspaper to interview me. Boasts one word. If we go with her to the store sometimes draws the attention of other that it came to the actress. I hesitate, of course, but you see how important this is to her.—
      Grandmother watching soap operas?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»I bought her a big TV, a plate, she set up all the channels, but watching it is still only what is on the first two buttons on the remote control. Even afraid to switch, not to upset something. Recently visited her and she showed me where the channel “Dомашний”. Said, “Grandma, I’ll be here soon”. I don’t know if he remembers it, we’ll see. Turkish series “Magnificent century” it is not seen. Generally grandma rarely watches TV. She has a certain daily routine and their preferences.—
      There was much talk about your personal life. They talked about the engagement with the player, and the affair with a powerful businessman… What is the truth?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»The engagement I have there was no. I understand about whom we are talking about Marat Sochi. We laughed for a long time, when all began to discuss our “novel”. Once on the birthday of my friend Irakli us with Marat introduced each other and we talked. Immediately we took a picture. The next day the article came out that we Izmailov finally announced their engagement. We laughed and forgotten, and this topic procrastinate to this day. And I see we already have and the baby was born, and what hasn’t… Marat I basically have not seen since then, and it was already 12 years ago, for a moment!—
      How to relate to such rumors?
      Евгения Лоза: «Я никого не ищу, и никто мне не нужен»Me every write. Not so long ago, was laughing over the article one of the publications where you placed my photo with the daughter of my friend and says that his child pictures I post, but no Marat. Quite a long time I am alone, though I do not like that word. And “search” is not love. I don’t think it’s search. Now I’m just enjoying my fullness, finally somewhere I found myself, absolutely not wasted. Everything is so good, that I would not like to take in any new relationship. I’m still a Cancer, sufferer. Any relationship entails some experiences, and they were so much… the Last relationship was great, we are still friends with this person, but suffer still had. Honestly, I was very devastated. It’s been 4 years and I’m only just beginning to enjoy life. I’m so happy right now… not looking for Anyone, I don’t need nobody – no children, no husbands.—
      That our readers should know about Eugenia Vines?
      First and foremost, in my life I’m not like Turgenev young lady, as many think. Secondly, I did not graduate from drama school, it is also not all know, but now I’m not afraid to talk about it.