There was a second father to the heirs of Jolie and pitt

Нашелся второй отец наследников Джоли и Питта The guard stars mark Billingham told reporters about what it was like to work with Hollywood stars. In six years of cooperation with the Angie and brad of ex-military has become their close friend. He was the only one of the actors trusted their heirs.

      Нашелся второй отец наследников Джоли и Питта

      51-year-old former officer of the Special air service of the UK mark Billingham worked as a bodyguard for celebrities. According to Billingham, the army was the perfect preparation for his new activities. Among his clients were Tom cruise, Sean Penn, Russell Crowe and many other stars, including Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. With Hollywood actors, Billingham worked a year and a half. The Briton was head of their security service.

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      “Most of all Angie and brad were afraid that their children will be kidnapped and will demand money for them,” he told British reporters. Billingham, was one of the few employees of the famous couple who let their kids – Maddox, PACS, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. The man admits that he became their second father. Mark spent much time with the heirs of the Hollywood stars and even taught them.

      “For Angie and brad is of great importance to children. We had a good relationship, they trusted me. I lived with them and could take their heirs with you almost everywhere no one else could do. But if I wanted we went with someone else, Angie and brad were against it. Their staff could watch the kids from afar, but to touch them was impossible to anyone,” said former military journalists.
      Нашелся второй отец наследников Джоли и Питта

      Billingham also shared with the media details of his work with Jolie and pitt. He reported on the persecution of the crazy fans, who often wore by Hollywood actors. According to Mark, most of all he was worried about wife Angelina. “People love it, but to brad, many are not so good. I was looking for ways to protect them, it was difficult, but interesting… More I had to be sure that Angie and brad are dressed appropriately and don’t do stupid things on camera,” said the man.

      In addition, Billingham shared an interesting fact about Jolie and pitt. According to him, Hollywood stars carefully guarded his privacy from prying eyes, often lacked basic social skills. “They could ask me how, for example, to get into a particular bar, or you might need to do this,” says mark. The man gladly helped them because he made friends with the actors.

      Leave Angie and brad, Billingham decided, when I realized that the work takes him too much time. “I had no personal life. I was exhausted,” – said the former military edition of the Sun.