Everything will return: Dmitry Malikov about hype, trends in music and young fans

Все вернется: Дмитрий Маликов о хайпе, трендах в музыке и молодых фанатах The actor spoke about the attitude of modern show business. According to Dmitry Malikov, a beautiful song that is now useless. That is why man tries to follow the fashion trends, and actively Express themselves in social networks.
Все вернется: Дмитрий Маликов о хайпе, трендах в музыке и молодых фанатах

Dmitry Malikov is considered one of the most famous singers of the 90s. Now the man is trying to do everything possible to regain the status of popular musician. So, the artist actively engaged in social networking and loves to lay out bold positions on other celebrities.

Malikov does not deny that status is slowly fading star is abhorrent to him. In a recent interview, he said that the popular actor now it is not necessary to release hits, it is much more important to stay in trend.

“You know, Sergey Shnurov once told me: “I learned long ago that the songs don’t need”. I want some kind of mark to leave, but every year I have less and less delusions. I just know that this track what we do, leave very difficult. Maybe even impossible,” – said the musician.

Now Malik is trying to change the stage image, to collaborate with popular artists and produce songs that will get into the trending list on YouTube. So, a big hit was a song that was recorded by Dmitry together with rapper Yury Khovansky. The video for this song has already collected more than 20 million views.

Dmitry Malikov has agreed to work with the controversial blogger

Malikov is not going to stop there, because now he is preparing a big surprise for his old and new fans.

“I have now recorded the track and shot a music video — a song called “the Emperor of Twitter.” I don’t enjoy it as a musician. But I enjoy it as a media personality. As is the idea to do a collaboration with someone from fashionable rappers, for example, with “Caste”. Song be from a person of our generation,” – said Malikov.

The man denies that he is now at a crossroads. Still the audience wants to perceive it in the usual way, but the youth, according to Malikov, it’s interesting. “I am now a knight at the crossroads — repertory, image. Who I be, how to position ourselves? I wouldn’t quite go for the needs of young people. You still need to be organic. I think I fit the image of adult, cheeky, ironic and self-ironic person, who understands everything,” said Dmitry.

Now Dimitri is known not only as a musician but also as a popular blogger. He does not hesitate to Express their opinion about relevant topics, and its posts are full of irony and humor.. But the records men have to taste is not all stars. Recently, Malik entered the fray with Igor Nikolaev.

Igor Nikolaev publicly apologized to Dmitry Malikov

“I wrote that I don’t like when stars congratulate each other happy birthday on Instagram. If you want someone to congratulate, call or send a present. He answered me in rather sharp form. But it’s not a scandal, it’s a discussion. It’s just that he, on the contrary, likes to congratulate everyone,” said Dmitry.

The musician is sure that he can be popular among different age groups. However, from his former audience Malikov refuses, because he wants to change the image, become relevant.

Despite the fact that the idols of youth are changed regularly, Malik still considers himself attractive. “Girls I’m not that fancy cause, but the interest is certain. Well, what? Johnny Depp there as his second? Brad Pitt. They’re older than me. But they are quite a sex symbols”, – Sevil musician.

Trying to be popular among young people, Dmitri focuses on the opinion of his daughter Stephanie. The girl has a lot of fans in social networks, and she is a real role model for peers. Malikov has repeatedly admitted that he was proud heiress, reached great heights at a young age.

Stephania itself feels a great responsibility lying on her shoulders, because she belongs to the popular celebrity clan. She tries to please the relatives, often sharing the photos with my beloved father. “To see the pure joy and genuine pride in the eyes of the Pope is something to always try and work on myself and improve,” wrote summer girl on Instagram.

Dmitry does not hide that would like to become even more popular, to increase their own earnings. However, he is willing to spend a decent amount not only for themselves but also for charity.

Now Maliki is engaged in the promotion of the Foundation “touching the heart”, which helps children with impaired hearing and sight. “A couple of years ago we had another charity dinner gathered a huge amount of 500 thousand dollars. They all went for treatment in the wards,” remembered the artist.

Communicating with portal “Meduza”, Dmitry said that is not going to change the scope of activities even for the sake of popularity. Malikov only interested in music, and he is confident that more will be able to oust the now fashionable performers.