Son of Diana Gurtskaya sounded harsh demands of parents

Сын Дианы Гурцкая озвучил суровые требования родителей The heir to the singer would like to have more free time. 10-year-old Kostya thinks that he is excessively overloaded with classes. The boy admitted that he often asks mom and dad to do his schedule is not so intense. Himself if he wanted to do was tennis.
Сын Дианы Гурцкая озвучил суровые требования родителей

This Sunday, fans of the singer Diana Gurtskaya was able to visit her home, because of family transfer “When all the houses” and its host Timur Kizyakov. At the table in the spacious living room along with the artist gathered her family: husband Peter Kucherenko, Professor, doctor of legal Sciences, their son Kostya, and also the brother and Manager of singer’s affair with his wife Natalia and heir Sandro.

During a conversation a 10-year-old son of Diana Gurtskaya made a surprise announcement. The boy said that he was too overloaded with all sorts of extra classes, which are very tired. In addition to the school Kostya goes for tennis, music and dancing. “Is that all you got?” – asked Timur Kizyakov.

“No, it’s all here, who chooses,” he nodded in the direction of parents the coast. And then continued to complain about their celebrity mom and dad who had organized it such hard life.

“Recently, I also tutor in English added. And stuff, – sighed the boy. – Every time I come home and say, when will it all end? Give me a normal vacation!”
Сын Дианы Гурцкая озвучил суровые требования родителей

In recognition of heir Diana Gurtskaya from this extensive list of things he would have chosen only one thing – tennis. This sport excites the boy.

“I wanted to choose a profession, just like dad’s. But after tennis I went, changed my mind,” – said Kostya.

Favorite men Diana Gurtskaya shared how touching they care for her at home. Kostya, still a very small child realized that his mother is blind, and tries to help her. The boy from early childhood accustomed not to leave around the house things. All the passages in the apartment Diana Gurtskaya freed, husband and son know the way she should not be chair or some other obstacle. Peter Kucherenko admitted that his wife was very irritating wet sink, so he carefully rubs.

Nesmotrya that 10-year-old son of Diana Gurtskaya not happy with the fact that he had too much to do, the boy and his parents have developed a very trusting relationship. Diana and Bones no secrets from each other. The boy shares with the mother the most intimate and talks about his experiences. The singer admitted that nicely captures the mood of the son and tries to understand all of what interests her heir.