Buzova appreciated the parody Rosenbaum on her hit

Бузова высоко оценила пародию Розенбаума на ее хит The TV presenter was left in awe of cover songs performed by the famous musician. Olga Buzova thanked Alexander Rosenbaum for the attention to her music. The girl said that the man managed a bright and original way to sing the hit “Little half”.

Olga Buzova continues to conquer the charts, despite the criticism from other celebrities. About her work he spoke negatively Victor Drobysh, Dmitry Malikov, Nikita Presnyakov and many others. However, artist have long been accustomed not to react to remarks in the address, because it is much more important than the opinion of many fans.

Poplavskaya, Presnyakov and Panayotov against Buzova

Another parody on the musical creativity of Olga Buzova suggested Alexander Rosenbaum. In the program “Evening Urgant” he sang the song “Little half” of the guitar. Version of the popular track from the folk artist of the Russian Federation provoked a strong reaction as the master program, and all those present in the Studio.

Olga was also unable to stay away. She thanked the musician for the attention to my works.

“The best interpretation is performed by master – Alexander Rosenbaum. Thank you for such attention,” wrote Buzova in Instagram.

Fans of the TV presenter also evaluated the modified hit performed Rosenbaum. They believe that attention from the recognized musician is the best confirmation of the importance of creativity Buzova. “Olga, this is a real success! On the popularity of others only dream of,” “And I in this version of the song like even more”, “it is Immediately obvious that Alexander Yakovlevich great sense of humor. And parody he came not offensive”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the young singer.

Now Olga is actively preparing for his first solo concerts, which will take place on 2 and 3 November. The girl is very experienced, because she wants to create a really brilliant show that will appeal to her fans.

“Entering the homestretch. Nerves taut, we are rehearsing day and night,” – previously reported by Olga on Instagram.

Buzova often shares photos and videos taken during the rehearsal of her many songs. The presenter promised that the audience on her solo concerts will have to wait for pleasant surprises. According to fans, she will be able to surprise them not only production rooms, but bright costumes.

Despite its amazing popularity Olga is still hard to take criticism from other stars. So, she quite violently reacted to the parody, created by Victor Drobysh and Nastasya Samburski. However, Buzova not going to stop there, because it plans to record new songs and music albums.

Criticism of colleagues brought Olga Buzova to tears