Любой каприз: Дмитрий Шепелев начал баловать сына
The presenter teaches the Plato service.

Dmitry Shepelev is in a difficult position single dad. In this situation, it is hardly appropriate to criticize the broadcaster for failures in education. But fans on the days indicated Shepelevo that the five-year Plato can grow spoiled child. Dmitry performs any whim of the boy that may in future lead to serious problems.

Shepelev recently boasted that thanks to his connections was able to hold his son for the scenes of “Cirque du Soleil”. And yesterday he fulfilled another dream of the son: bought him expensive shoes luxury brand. Now Plato will sport the product of the Italian fashion house, worth more than $ 200.

Earlier Dmitry told me that making efforts to ensure that Plato became a foodie. He personally prepares for him an exquisite Breakfast and takes me out to expensive restaurants with unique cuisine. The Shepelev son and I are frequent guests of luxury resorts.

Fans believe that Dmitry is trying to compensate for the absence of a mother with expensive gifts and luxurious life. But, in fact, Shepelev has a son in his way of life. By the way, in the future, the broadcaster has no plans to send him to an elite school. Anyway, a year ago he adhere to this point of view.