Постройнешая Глафира Тарханова показала селфи в бикини
Diet actress quickly gave the result.

Glafira Tarkhanov

Photo: @glafiratarhanova Instagram Glafira Tarhanova

Last autumn Glafira Tarhanova became a mother for the fourth time. Recently, detractors have attacked large mom with criticism. Users of social networks, accustomed to the fact that many star moms demonstrate a “wasp” waist after a couple of weeks after birth, expressed dissatisfaction with the figures of Glafira. Supposedly enough time has passed, and the actress never returned to the previous form.

Tarkhanov, jokingly calling himself “the boundless”, promised the fans to go on a diet. Recently she has published the first photo after birth, in a swimsuit, which has demonstrated success in losing weight. Glafira took a selfie in the source for Kamchatka, which is now on tour. “It’s a thrill! Directly below us the geysers are beaten,” enthused the artist.

In the comments of subscribers Tarhanova write that Glafira was able to achieve significant results in the struggle for harmony. “You are so beautiful, gentle, natural!”, “Beauty!”, “Glafira — well done! Looks great! And the bow is so perfect,” the praise aid. Recall that Tarkhanov raising four boys: Nicephorus, Korney, Hermolaus, and of the proud. Despite having a large family, Glafira time to build a successful acting career.