«Мне больно очень»: Сергей Шнуров намекнул на причину развода с женой
The singer shared a revelation.

«Мне больно очень»: Сергей Шнуров намекнул на причину развода с женой

Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda

Photo: @shnurovs Instagram

The news about the divorce Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda was a complete surprise for fans of the artist. Yesterday 45-year-old singer made an official statement that he broke up with his wife. Cord asked reporters not to bother with questions about the incident or him or her. But late at night Sergey has published a poem in which he told about his experiences, and also hinted at the reasons for the divorce.

As follows from the works of a musician, he suffers from the fact that his marriage failed. “Now let me very painful. I’m hurt, maybe killed. And oozing blood between the stitches. Houellebecq? Flashback? Or somersault? I am glad that bright, juicy. There is no error, I will not consider. I have something to remember this night,” — Sergey writes in his microblog.

Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda

Cord hints that could not meet the expectations of the beloved. It is worth noting that the surrounding and close friends of the couple said that Matilda has a positive impact on the life of her husband. Thanks to his wife Cords took control of the quantity of consumed alcoholic beverages.

“I am someone. And though you burst,

Dress, wash and run a brush through.
Will have to answer for songs,
For dancing and torn soul.
Do not hesitate, I will answer.
Then cold, then hot.
That night passed and once the evening.

My life rolls through,” he poured out his soul Cords.

Fans and friends of the couple, I hope that the couple can still “rewind the tape back” and make up. Recall that in 2010, Sergey and Matilda tied the knot. A couple planned to soon marry, but instead announced the divorce.