Evelina Bledans: “I want to get my husband back!”

Эвелина Бледанс: «Я хочу вернуть мужа!» My encounter with the newsmaker of the week. We are friends with Evelina Bledans many years, but what she shared with me recently, was a shock not only for her inner circle.
Эвелина Бледанс: «Я хочу вернуть мужа!»

“I’ve been divorced for a year!” – admitted the actress, and the stunned faces of absolutely all guests and spectators of Studio, as if to say: “How?! Can’t be! Exemplary marriage with producer Alexander Semin, their son with down syndrome, is surrounded by unusual warmth and care of both parents, and all of a sudden like that.”

Recognition was given to the Evelyn is not easy, even though she is very strong, I see her navorachivayutsya tears.

Husband Bledans about divorce: “there always stood another man”

– Sasha and I walked a long way together, have overcome such things… Our family was considered ideal. I thought it would be like a fairy tale: they lived happily and died in one day. And if, God forbid, with me something happens, Sasha will bring up Semochko. Remember, joked on Instagram that the country has only two cool wife – Alla Pugacheva and me.

Now I’m left without a husband. But I’m happy that in my life there was a man, the best father for Semushki. Sasha remains that will not say a single bad word… today the status of “free” sounds to me not very encouraging, although I realize that I had something to live for, something to do, have semen, and most important, for what I met with Sasha. Perhaps our pair was born in order to have this “Sunny child”, and subsequently Samochka saved even hundreds of thousands of children’s lives, which could give parents. When we were about three, it was all a little with down syndrome. Not as fun, strange, enchanting. Like our wedding in Mauritius. Got stuck on a cactus, exchanged blood, and instead of rings tied fingers green leaf…

Эвелина Бледанс: «Я хочу вернуть мужа!»

– Once you have officially parted ways, the year you’ve continued to upload happy pictures with her husband. Why?

I took the rules of the game, because believed that must remain the myth of the perfect family, inspiring so many people. By and large, our family is not broken up, we have a child who does not feel, because he still has a father and mother. And we will continue everything for him to do, as for our Foundation “Syndrome of love.”

Эвелина Бледанс: «Я хочу вернуть мужа!»

– Evening Alexander announced that he wants to leave?

– Was not this evening, all went gradually. Just our love, as often happens, lived for three years. I’m a strange thing to say, but I think Sasha left me, so I was happy. When the marriage collapsed, I have always met their men. Said to myself: then you did something wrong, wasn’t good enough.

Эвелина Бледанс: «Я хочу вернуть мужа!»

– Recent surgery breast augmentation is an attempt to restore the relationship with Alexander?

– Of course, all of this piggy Bank. To become more desirable, more attractive. Deep down I want to get Sasha, but his mind understand that in this river can not enter twice.

Эвелина Бледанс: «Я хочу вернуть мужа!»

– I think it’s your own fault. At the dawn of your relationship Alexander brought a nice powder, but to match your beautiful wife, seriously appearance and now looks great – a real sex symbol. And stay he same, nothing would have happened.

– Yes, Sasha lost 50 pounds and now in great shape. But all thanks to the character and strong will, my role here is tiny. And let it all go, saying that he changed because his life had another woman, I don’t believe it. Just our romance is over.

Эвелина Бледанс: «Я хочу вернуть мужа!»