Harvey explained the reason for the success Buzova

Нагиев объяснил причину успеха Бузовой The broadcaster became the main hero of the program “Tonight”. Among the invited friends of the actor turned aspiring singer. Dmitry admitted that he is a fan of Olga and explained why it is so popular.

Dmitriy Nagiev is considered one of the most popular show in Russia. He successfully plays in the movie, starred in the TV series, but it manages to maintain privacy in all that concerns his personal life. In the program “Tonight” star still revealed some secrets were not previously known to his fans.

For example it turned out that Dmitri loves all musical compositions from the repertoire of Olga Buzova. The aspiring singer also visited the Studio and even played for Nagiyev song. Broadcaster with pleasure sang with the artist.

“If we have Oli was not, we would have been required to create it. Oline life is live the American dream. Many girls look at her and believe that will also be able to achieve something. She is very talented and brings his talent, as he wants”, – said the presenter.

In his opinion, Buzova fully deserve the success she has now. The very same Olga admitted that he admires the sense of humor and responsiveness of Dmitry.

After the program the fans of the stars began with a new force to discuss their possible romance. “You’d be a gorgeous couple. I love Nagiyev, he’s a good man,” “During his speech, Oli between them is literally the sparks flew. Immediately I felt the passion”, “it seems to Me that here we are talking only about friendship, no hidden meanings, search is not necessary”, – spoken fans of celebrities.

Recall that in spring in the leaked correspondence between Dmitry Nagiev and Olga Buzova very personal nature. Fans infer that the stars of a secret affair, but they were quick to refute this information.

Dmitriy Nagiev doesn’t like to talk about your personal life, in connection with which the fans don’t know whether the busy heart of the presenter. The son of the actor said that some isolation of the father is directly related to his fabulously popular.

“He lost many friends and loved ones due to the fact that has become very popular in the profession. Perhaps it is envy. I have a feeling that I will always be in the shadows. Whatever I have done, my achievements seem to be kids ‘stuff in the background” – said the heir Nagiyev.

Himself Dmitri prefers to talk about work, about old projects that once helped him to become famous. According to Nagiyev, he enjoys creative activities, and therefore does not intend to rest on our laurels.