Tatiana Navka celebrated the birthday of his daughter

Татьяна Навка с размахом отметила день рождения дочери Athlete staged a large-scale celebration in honor of the triennium, little Nadia. The celebration was attended by relatives of the stars, as well as numerous friends girl. The event was stylized cartoon “Beauty and the beast.

Tatiana Navka often shared pictures and videos involving her daughter Nadia. The girl is already showing interest in music and sports.

The skater has decided once again to prove unconditional love to the girl. In honor of her third birthday, the young woman gave a bright holiday. The event was attended by animators in costumes of the characters from the cartoon “beauty and the beast”.

Little Nadia appeared at the festival in a red sundress. Tatiana Navka also chose a dress of scarlet color. Skater looked flawless in a bright outfit. She gave preference to easy makeup and hair left loose.

Among the guests of the celebration were many relatives and friends Nadia. So, the event was attended by Galina Yudashkin with her husband and young son Tolia. The successor of the famous designer shared his impressions of the celebration.

“Came to congratulate Nadia happy birthday! Got a disney fairy tale, Tolya was a little scared, but then smiled,” – said Galina.

The ceremony was attended by singer Jasmine with the daughter and son of Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolsky. Nadya Peskova met friends riding on a small pony.

Fans rushed to congratulate the girl and wished her good health. “What a beauty growing! Such a sweet, sincere”, “be Seen as a happy child. Parents big fellows, because such holidays are remembered for a lifetime”, “Very original idea. I’d have fun at this event”, – shared his impressions of fans of the grooves.

Hall that hosted the celebration, was decorated in the style of the cartoon. All around it was decorated with balloons. The birthday girl looked happy and gladly posed for the cameras with his mother.

Fans once again noted a striking similarity between Nadya and Tatiana. According to them, the girl is a real beauty and will be able to make a successful career in show business and in sports.