Evelina Bledans came out without underwear

Эвелина Блёданс вышла в свет без нижнего белья
The actress stunned guests secular parties with his bust.

Evelina Bledans

Photo: @Instagram bledans Evelina Bledans

Evelina Bledans came to one of the social events in a very risky outfit. The actress donned for appearance on the “coterie” in a pantsuit and made a splash: the jacket she’s wearing over his naked body. Due to the deep neckline bust Evelina at the slightest movement and tries to jump out. Spicy outfit were able to assess not only the audience in the public, but subscribers Bledans.

Incidentally, some time ago, during the holidays of Evelina in Thailand fans suspected that she did a boob job. Fans noticed that the bust Bledans has increased markedly over the last few months. But then the actress left the rumors without confirmation. Now the subscribers with a new force began to discuss the perfect breast shape Evelina.

Members also noted that Bledans markedly postrhinal after the Christmas holidays. For struggle with excess weight Bledans almost lasted a week on a special detox diet. A technique suggested to her by the specialist Thai Wellness center.