Britney Spears prays for the salvation of his beloved niece

Бритни Спирс молится о спасении любимой племянницы
The girl is in critical condition.

Niece Britney Spears — Maddie’s sons singer

Photo: @britneyspears Instagram Britney Spears

Yesterday, the niece of Britney Spears is eight-year-old Maddie was seriously injured in the accident. The girl was taken
to the hospital and, according to the doctors, is fighting for his life. This was announced
the Internet site

It all started with the fact that Maddie decided
to ride a Quad bike. Unfortunately, whether from lack of experience in the management, whether
some other reason, it “steel horse” I turned over and fell into the pond
along the shore which went girl. And before she managed to get to the shore, she
held under water for a few minutes. Arrived on the scene, the doctors
medical aviation evacuated Maddie signs of life, but in the unconscious
condition to the nearest hospital in Kentwood (Louisiana).

Maddie — the only daughter Jamie Spears, the younger sister of the pop star.
Jamie who also became a singer, although not as popular as Britney, gave birth to
the girl very early age of 17, from his friend Casey
Aldridge, whom he had met at that time. Since then Jamie had to go
married and cares about Maddie, along with her husband Jamie Watson.

“I am very pleased with how I managed
to raise Maddie. She is extremely kind, nice and obedient girl.
Perhaps it happened because she grew up in an atmosphere of love,”
said Jamie in a recent interview. The Britney, in her confession, too
loves his niece. When the singer found out about the incident, she called all
his fans to pray for the salvation of Maddie’s life.